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FasterSkierFebruary 22, 2010
Steffen Hoos, aka "Hoosie", Toko's International Race Service Manager

What a day for America! Bode Miller won the Men’s Alpine Combined. What a great story the Olympics write. After Bode was no longer in the National team last year, he was allowed to return only on condition of coming into the team if he is completely at the service of the team and really part of the team. This he has done and has been rewarded now even with a complete set of medals. The race took place in hard and compact snow similar to the last races.

At Whistler Nordic Park, there was also the question of the Biathlon Mass Start races. This morning, except for the temperatures being 2 degrees colder than the last few days, there had been little change in the spectacular weather. In the morning, the men used slightly different products than the ladies who started 2 hours later. Of course between the races, the waxes (and structures) were tested again. In these predictable and firm conditions, the ski choice was easy.

Finally, the highly esteemed Russians got their first medals in biathlon. Ustyugov confidently won the men’s and Zaitseva won silver in the women. Germany’s Magdalena Neuner was able win in this race; her second gold medal at the games. Congratulations.

German Biathlon Women in Finish.

It looks like the weather will remain similar except for a disruption on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday should be predictable like the last few days have been.

The mass start of the women's biathlon race.

Cross-country skiers had the day off today.

The Toko team will now go and celebrate a little in Whistler. After getting up early every day and having very long days, we have well deserved it 🙂 A lot of teams with which we have good cooperation will also be present. In the World Cup scene, we know each other for many years. There are many technicians and coaches here with whom I used to compete.We’re all one big family that is dedicated to the sport. Everyone is working their hardest in their areas of responsibility so as to make a big event like the Olympics successful and interesting.

Until tomorrow, then again.


A morning shot of the team cabins.

I am sorry the photos are not better.  Sometime we are extremely busy of course and not able to take photos.  Other times, we get great photos, but can’t use them until the Olympics are over due to IOC regulations.


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