FIS Anti-Doping Program Prepared for the Olympic Winter Games 2010

BrainspiralFebruary 4, 2010
FIS Anti-Doping. Photo: IAAF
FIS Anti-Doping. Photo: IAAF

As mandated by the World Anti-Doping Code, no notice, out-of-competition target tests are the primary focus of testing within the FIS Anti-Doping program during the current season. Besides EPO urine tests, CERA blood testing has also been carried out. FIS also conducts in-competition testing at selected FIS World Cup events. For the up-to-date numbers of tests conducted this season until the beginning of the Olympic period Thursday 4th February 2010, please review the latest FIS Fact Sheet available here.

At the Olympic Games, anti-doping work is the responsibility of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) which operates in accordance with the latest WADA rules. During the Vancouver 2010 Games, the IOC will delegate the responsibility for implementing doping controls to VANOC and WADA. The IOC is exclusively responsible for managing the results.

FIS is cooperating closely with the task force, created by the IOC, VANOC and WADA, that is responsible for planning and coordinating pre-Games testing. At the Vancouver 2010 Games, FIS is responsible for the pre-competition Blood Testing program that will include all Cross-Country and Nordic Combined skiers before their first Olympic competition. These blood tests will be conducted following the newly adopted procedures for WADA’s Athletes’ Passport program and will also be included as part of the longitudinal FIS Blood Profiling Program that has been in place since the 2001/2002 season. The testing will be carried out in close cooperation with the IOC task force. For more detail, please also refer to the latest FIS Fact Sheet here.

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