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FasterSkierFebruary 23, 2010

The last week of the Games have begun. With wonderful weather again there were three events decided in the Whistler Nordic Park today. The jumpers competed in the team jump (on the big jump).

In the cross-country stadium next door was the team sprint in the free technique (skating) in the men’s and ladies. There have been some interesting results which are in contrast to the previous season so far. For example, the German ladies with Claudia Nystad and Evi Sachenbacher won a surprise gold medal. Neither has achieved a podium placement in individual races this year. In the men’s the Germans also surprised with silver.

Today was the coldest morning in recent days of -7 ° C. Most of the teams knew from the weather report that around noon the temperature would hit around 8 ° C and the track would become damp and then wet. The clever ones though thoroughly tested yesterday exactly at race time and thus had the proper race wax all dialed in well before the race started so they could focus on structure. As we know, these details play a great roll in making a ski fast. The anticipation of these test items a day or more in advance when the weather is stable provides the necessary experience to predict what is going to run at race time. Some teams had visibly faster skis.

As it always is when the weather is stable (and in this case warm), the teams require almost only products from us that are for warm conditions. Soon we will run out of these items. This is better than going back to Switzerland with full boxes though.

The women’s Giant Slalom training took place in preparation for the actual event which takes place tomorrow. The weather tomorrow will be very sunny and cold. We can be curious if there are more surprises again.

Until tomorrow


US Skier Torin Koos on the bike between racing.
Team technicians servicing skis during the Team Sprint event.
One doesn't get this close to a king very often. Here is the King of Sweden visiting the events.
Course forerunners getting their briefing before doing their work.


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