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FasterSkierFebruary 24, 2010
Atomic Servicemen Ernst Habersatter und Edi Unterberger work for Kjetil Jansrud and Axel-Lund Svindal.

The weather is back to more how it was at the beginning of the games: unstable and cloudy with rain and sleet. Meteotest from Bern had forecasted the light afternoon snowfall. Right at 1pm it started just as forecasted. The Bern weather forecasts have been spot on for us at Toko and the teams are given us a lot of praise for our assistance.

The Men’s Giant Slalom in slightly softer snow conditions than in the past few days. Nevertheless, the track was Perfect. During the second run, a light sleet started. However, the conditions were fair for all racers. In contrast to the speed disciplines, for the giant slalom and slalom we went with a slightly harder HF layer because the skis need to experience an acceleration after each gate and the pressure on the snow is very high. The Topfinish was adapted to the warm conditions. The speed discipline specialists have left already to prepare for the upcoming World Cup events.

The Ladies Biathlon had their final event today which was dominated by the Russian team. Double Olympic Champion Magdalena Neuner made a noteworthy and unselfish decision today. She gave up her start position on the relay to make room to allow another athlete the chance of a medal. This was a very controversial discussion in the eyes of the German reporters. Of course you want to start the strongest athletes. I find it very generous and unselfish of Magdalena. This has become very rare nowadays, especially in competitive sports.

The weather report says that tomorrow morning, we will be greeted by 10cm of new snow here in Whistler. We are curious how the teams get it under control.

Until tomorrow from Whistler



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