Waxing for 57,000

FasterSkierMarch 11, 2010

Classic technique for 90K, 57,000 registered skiers. Welcome to the 2010 Vasaloppet week.

A lot of folks need wax help. Toko is the wax supplier, providing assistance to anyone who needs it, from the start line through every feed station.

Getting fresh kick wax is not a very fast process, though. Skiers hand over their skis and wait while Toko technicians do the work. Whatever is on the ski is removed and a new layer is heated in. All free, all done right.

These photos were shot during Sunday’s Oppet Spar, or Open Track, at the first feed station. Only around 8,000 skiers for this day’s event.

The yellow coveralls made for a distinctive team. We will have to work on Ian to get these for the Toko US crew.


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