Thank You…Ben Kremer

I just wanted to write a HUGE thank you to Ben Kremer. Ben was the often silent, other half (sometimes more) part of my Olympic Journey. He spent countless hours over the past few years doing his part to be in relationship with an athlete training for the Olympics. He was the “man behind the curtain.”

Ben had himself competed for many years with aspirations of qualifying for the Olympic Games. His sport was Biathlon and he also trained out of the Twin Cities and Elk River. He was close but had to retire due to the economic demands of his sport and the lack of funding and prize money. He had to retire and get a “real full-time job”. He knew the struggles of an athlete trying to achieve their best and could relate to what I was going through for the past 4 years. It was a huge help to have his uncompromising support week in and week out. He often drove not only me, but tons of other skiers in the area down the hills that were too steep, videoing hours of me skiing, and running with me on the same boring route when the weather was terrible and he really didn’t want to go.

It was awesome to have his support for my “Olympic Journey” and I know I could not have made it without him.  He has put a lot of his life on hold for me and he is now ready to dive into tackling his next dream. He helped me with all of my marketing/sponsorship/ and website design. He is incredibly talented and a very versitle Graphic Designer. You should check out his website at and view some of the other work he has done over the years ( between giving me splits at Nationals!!!).

Thanks again Ben for Everything you have done :)