Time to Start Again!

CComptonApril 28, 2010

Hey Everyone,

I am back and it is officially the new year!!!

Last year brought lots of adventures and travels and the Olympics! I am so thankful for everyone support and encouragement over the years. I could have never made it without all of you!

I am psyched to be back in Minneapolis and in my sweet apartment by Theo Wirth park. Lahti and I have been hitting up the awesome trails in the park and I got out for my first rollerski in the neighborhood last night.

My spring has been busy and of course I feel like I am totally out of shape from the break in training but I have learned that this break makes me even more excited to start training and my body very grateful for the rest! So if you see me out training please do not make fun of my slow pace, I need to start somewhere, I still have a number of months until the first races and I will speed up again :)

I am enjoying supporting other people in their pursuits this spring…my friends and their kids do so many amazing things. I am so impressed and excited to now cheer them on too.

More to come soon.