Nordic Combined Summer Grand Prix 2010 in Germany

FasterSkierJuly 22, 2010

The start of the FIS Nordic Combined Summer Grand Prix 2010 is approaching rapidly. The competitions in Oberstdorf (GER) are scheduled for 7th-8th August whilst Oberwiesenthal (GER) will serve as the second host venue on 13th-14th August.

The 2010 edition of the Summer Grand Prix will feature a few changes. One of the main changes is that as response to feedback especially from the athletes, the cross-country competitions will be held on roller skis rather than inline skates. The summer competitions are also considered as the first period of the World Cup season and thus also contribute towards the points and national quota.

So far, every main national team has already nominated their athletes for these international summer competitions. Norway will take part with mostof their best athletes. Magnus Moan will travel to Germany, as will Jan Schmid and the junior world champion Ole Christian Wendel. France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Finland will all take part with four athletes per team, Italy with three, Ukraine with two. And Germany, of course, will be represented by a dozen athletes as the host nation. Many of the Austrian stars have chosen not to take part so Austria will be represented by a young team around the overall winner of last season’s COC, Tomaz Druml. The USA will be participating without the “Big 3” as Demong, Lodwick and Spillane will be missing but teams from Poland, Slovenia and Japan are also expected.

Source: FIS


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