MWSC Biathlon D2R2 – One of the Hardest Century Rides Around

FasterSkierAugust 26, 2010

Sometimes you hear about a special hike, cook bike route, or just plain cool event and you think to yourself, “I have to do that”. The Biathlon Team heard about D2R2 through some local riders and we thought that this was one of those “I have to do that” events! Started as a fundraiser for a local Land Trust company called the Franklin Land Trust, the D2R2 has grown year after year, even after riders take a beating for no less than 8 hours as they cover the tough roads and climbs.

There are three rides, a 180km, 100km, and 50km. The 180km along boasts, 16,000ft of total climbing, over 70% on dirt roads, a few climbs nearly 2 miles long, with a few reaching between 25-27% grade. Last year one old fella was asked before Ambrosia Rd. (.6 miles and 27% up loose gravel) if anyone had made it up. He replied back, “I haven’t seen anyone make it up this road since I was a boy”! Patten Hill was another 25% grade road, this time on pavement for half a mile before it continued up for another 1.5 miles on loose gravel that was supposedly a road.

But the ride was more than just a “gut check” training ride. This route and region proved to be some of New England’s finest. The entire way we rode along beautiful streams and rivers, up and over passes with some really awesome views, and around some farms that made you want to quit your day job just to go and work on them. The local volumteers were engaging and really excited to have us all there. This may need to become an annual tradition!

Who did it?

180km – Gary, Seth, Tracy, Mark Rossignol, Matt Michaud and Taylor

100km – Grace, Katrina, Andrea, and Corrine

This ice cream truck was strategically placed!
A field of sunflowers at one of the rest stops.

Source: MWSC


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