Steira’s Recovery to Take Longer than Expected

FasterSkierAugust 25, 2010

Kristin Stoermer Steira suffered a heel injury in late June, which prevented her from taking part in European Athletics Championships. She had to adapt her summer training schedule. She should have started in KirkkebakkenGrand Prix, but the recovery took longer than expected.

“Thursday last week I was in hospital for a CT image. It showed that the heel was healed. I got off the plaster was allowed to walk in higher heels. I was really happy about that but I realized quickly that the pain was still there. Pain that I knew very well.  A MR image unfortunately showed that the heel has not been properly healed,” said Steira to Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

As the full recovery will take additional three weeks, Steira has to continue with her special training workouts. Running in water, MTB training sessions and strength sessions. Despite Steira’s unfortunate situation, she does not admit any doubts about the upcoming season and home World Championships in Oslo. “I am not worried about that. At least not yet,” she said to Dagbladet.

Source: FIS


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