U.S. Ski Team Announces National Elite Group Roster

FasterSkierAugust 21, 2010

Top regional junior skiers participate each year in one of four Regional Elite Group (REG) summer camps. The camps include general and ski-specific assessments, ski technique support as well as athlete and coaches education. Each camp includes U.S. Ski Team coaching staff which observe, interact and coach.

With the help of regional coaches attending the camps, the U.S. Ski Team coaching staff selects the top athletes from all four REG camps (East, Central, West and Alaska) and names these athletes to the National Elite Group (NEG). These athletes are offered the opportunity to train alongside the U.S. Ski Team athletes at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center October 9-17, 2010. Attributes such as motivation, dedication, general physical fitness and ski-specific performance are taken into consideration to select these athletes.

Congratulations to all of the athletes who participated in REG camps this summer. We are excited to announce the National Elite Group for 2010:

Skyler Davis (Stratton Mountain School/ Sverre Caldwell)
David Sinclair (GMVS/ Justin Beckwith & Dartmouth College/ Ruff Patterson)
Andy Dodds (Minnesota Valley/ Reid Lutter & CXC Jr Development Program/ Igor Badamshin)
Scott Patterson (Alaska Winter Stars/ Jan Buron)
David Norris (Fairbanks Alaska Ski Team (FAST)/Bill McDonnell)
Tyler Kornfield (Alaska Winter Stars/ Jan Buron & UAF/ Scott Jerome)
Erik Fagerstrom (Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation / Chris Mallory)

Isabel Caldwell (SMS/ Sverre Caldwell & Dartmouth College/ Cami Thompson)
Heather Mooney (Stratton Mountain School/ Sverre Caldwell)
Jessie Diggins (CXC Team Vertical Limit/ Jason Cork & Gus Kaeding)
Annie Pokorny (Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation/ Chris Mallory)
Michaela Frias (Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club/Josh Smullin & Brian Tate)
Caitlin Patterson (Alaska Winter Stars/ Jan Buron & UVM/ Patrick Weaver)
Annie Hart (Minneapolis Ski Club/ Kevin Brochman)


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