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FasterSkierAugust 6, 2010

Launched for the first time this summer, 40 of the best J2 boys and girls in the U.S. were invited to take part in a the USSA National J2 Talent Camp. The following is a written report with photos from U.S. Ski Team coach Bryan Fish. Original camp announcement can be found at:

Implementing something new can bring with it plenty of enthusiasm, but also some anxiety. The thought of a National J2 Camp makes a great deal of sense on paper, with athletes at this age (14-15 years old) being in their developmental phase which allows them to adapt into top cross country skiers more rapidly. That being said – there can be a reluctance to want to add the extra travel required to bring athletes from all over the country for a single camp. But any reluctance I might have had was erased at this camp after just three short days here at Michigan Tech University in Houghton, MI where the camp is being held.

The attentiveness and focus of these athletes as well as the professionalism of the planning and programming has been impressive. The opportunity to get top athletes and coaches together from throughout the country is inspiring and educational for all.

Each day includes two training sessions with an educational session each night. Every other day also includes an afternoon video analysis. Most of the sessions are ski specific with a great deal of coaching by a highly educated crew of coaches.

Thanks to the sponsors of this camp which have made this possible. NCCSEF (National Cross Country Ski Education Foundation provided $5k in funding for this camp which greatly helped offset the costs for the attendees. Camp sponsors also include Chums, Beyond Coastal, V2, Toko, NENSA and USSA.

Camp staff:
Rick Kapala – Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation, Head Coach/Director
Alison Deines – Jackson Hole Ski Team, Head Coach/Director
Janice Sibilia – New England Nordic Ski Association, Competitive Director
Josh Smullin – Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, Coach
Bryan Fish – U.S. Ski Team, Continental Cup Coach

Coaching Interns:

Daniel Lewis – U. of Wyoming, Laramie / JHSC
Chase Marston – Middlebury / SMS / SVSEF
Katie Christoffel – U. of Maine, Presque Isle / NYSEF
Christina Mischica – Michigan Tech University

Invited J2 Girls:
Corey Stock, 15, Cambridge Sports Union, NE
Heather Mooney, 15, Stratton Mtn School, NE
Marion Woods, 14, Alaska Winter Stars, AK
Sloan Storey, 15, Sun Valley Ski Educational Foundation, IM
Maggie Williams, 14, Sun valley Ski Education Foundation, IM
Anika Miller, 14, Payette Lakes Ski Team, IM
Madalyn Pfeifer, 15, Proctor Academy, NE
Celia Haering, 15, APUNSC, AK
Hannah Miller, 15, Craftsbury NSC, NE
Kelsey Phinney, 15, Boulder Nordic, RM
Tristin Lowe, 15, Team Soldier Hollow, IM
Stephanie Kirk, 15, Alaska Nordic Racing, AK
Mary O’Connell, 15, Steamboat Springs WSC, RM
Rachel Hampton, 15, Durango Nordic, RM
Heidi Halvorsen, 14, Green Mtn Valley School, NE
Emily Hannah, 15, Steamboat Springs WSC, RM
Maranada Stopol, 15, Sun Valley SEF, IM
Katrin Larusson, 14, Auburn Ski Club, FW
Lucy Newman, 15, Steamboat Springs WSC, RM
Nicole Bathe, 14, CXC Jr Development Program, MW
Mackenzie Hitchcock, 15, Berkshire Nordic Ski Club, MA

Invited J2 Boys:
Cole Morgan, 15, Bridger SF, IM
Patrick Caldwell, 15, Ford Sayre, NE
John Hegman, 15, Mansfield Nordic, NE
Eli Hoenig, 15, Cambridge Sports Union, NE
Aren Burkemo, 15, Team Soldier Hollow, IM
Matthew Nichols, 15, Knicker Nordic, MW
Eric Slater, 15, Minneapolis Ski Club, MW
Marc Jackson, 14, Team Soldier Hollow, IM
Haakon Sigurslid, 14, Durango Nordic, RM
Gino Pastore, 15, Durango Nordic, RM
Austin Hess, 15, Alaska Winter Stars, AK
Christian Shanley, 15, Ski Club Vail, RM
John Glen, 15, Alaska Winter Stars, AK
Max Scrimgeour, 15, Steamboart Springs WSC, RM
Zachary Lindahl, 15, Sun Valley SEF, IM
Bridger Dunnagan, 15, Bridger SF, IM
Jackson Hill, 15, Summit Nordic, RM
Hamish McEwen, 14, Cambridge Sports Union, NE
Kyle Hanson, 15, Lathrop HS, AK
Adam Martin, 15, Knicker Nordic, MW

Source: USSA


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