What do baseball and nordic skiing have in common?

September 6, 2010

Standing between Chelsea Marshall and Matt Whitcomb, Liz Stephen waves as she is introduced to the crowd at Fenway Park. In the background, her smile is seen on the bigscreen.

Vermont Day at Fenway was designed as a way for the Red Sox to thank their loyal fans from the “Freedom and Unity” state.   One of those fans, USST’s own Liz Stephen, was lucky enough to take part in the day’s celebration.  As one of several Vermont Olympians, Stephen was invited out onto the field for an introduction to the crowd.  Stephen made a special trip to Boston to partake in the event, but said the experience “was SO worth it!”

“I grew up in a house where baseball was a big deal,” said Stephen.  “My dad loves the game and loves the Sox, so naturally, I took to liking them too.”

The day was made more special when Liz’s dad, Mark Stephen, became a part of the festivities as well.

“My dad was able to come down on the field with me as he was in my guest seat,” said Stephen, “and I am pretty sure he would have died happy that day!”

Also invited onto the field were Chelsea Marshall – a 2010 Olympic alpine skier – and Andrew Newell.  As Newell made a last minute decision not to attend the event, USST Coach Matt Whitcomb ended up filling in for Newell – an assuredly tough sacrifice.

Stephen admitted that although she had been to Fenway many times in the past, she “hadn’t been there in a couple years so it was great to get back.”

Stephen said she was “pretty excited” but not nervous to be standing on the renowned field in front of thousands of Sox fans.  She did not have to speak, she just had to wave to the crowd and smile as she was introduced.  The smiling part was too easy, as is apparent from a beaming photo that was taken on the field in a moment Stephen describes on her blog as having a “fairly high stoke level”.

“It was really neat,” Stephen concluded. “The only thing that would have made it cooler would have been to meet the players or throw the opening pitch!”

Though she did not leave with a personal autograph, Stephens admits to taking a different souvenir from the park.  “Yes, I took some dirt home,” Stepens writes on her blog. “It was sweet.”

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