Interview with Alexander Legkov: “It was a test race after 700 km in 10 days”

FasterSkierNovember 15, 2010

Alexander Legkov stormed into the new racing season with sensational first place in the Norwegian national opener in Beitostoelen. He led the Russian trio that filled the podium of the 15 k freestyle race. However, Legkov does not overvalue his success, and he realizes that road to Oslo 2011 is still long.

Q: Alexander, congratulations to your victory! You won with a great time gap. Did you expect such a season start?

Alexander Legkov: Absolutely not! We are now in the middle of training phase and have not reduced the training loads. We’re going to carry out 3-4 hour sessions twice a day. We have a lot of speed work. Last speed session was yesterday morning. So the race in Friday was sort of a test competition after 700 km in 10 days.

Q: Where did the motivation come from? Did you wish to beat Norwegians on home soil?

Alexander Legkov: Yes that is exactly what did motivate me! So, from first meters of the race I was pushing

Q: What were the conditions like?

Alexander Legkov: It was snowing, we prepared from 2 pairs of skis. Our service did an excellent job. I would like to thank to Yuriy Frolin!

Q: What about your opponent – Petter Nurtug?

Alexander Legkov: At the beginning of the season the first race is always tricky. His poor performance does not mean anything. He will be very strong at World Cups.

Q: What are your futures plans?

Alexander Legkov: We return to Sjusjoen and will train there until November 17. Workouts will be focused on speed. Then we move to Gällivare for the World Cup opener.

Q: World Cup kicks off next weekend. What results will you be satifised with?

Alexander Legkov: My main goal for upcoming days is to train well and stay healthy. I hope to be in top 15 in Gällivare and perhaps even higher. All athletes look to Oslo so beginning of the season is not the highest priority. I will take part in Tour de Ski.



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