12 Days of Swixmas

Inge ScheveDecember 8, 2010

1. T73110  –  Performance Waxing Iron

Every skier needs a high quality wax iron especially designed for ski waxes and ski bases.  The T73 Swix wax iron fits the bill perfectly.  With an 8mm plate for even, stable temperature distribution and manual temperature adjustment indicated in Celsius, it is easy to correctly wax and care for your skis properly.

2. T0793 –  Cross Country Waxing Profile

Having a stable and secure platform to wax and scrape skis is a must.  The Swix XC Waxing Profile is a lightweight profile that easily adjusts to ski sizes from 150cm to 210cm.  Now, the whole family can use the T0793 to work on their skis.  Adjustable legs are also available making the XC Waxing Profile the perfect traveling ski bench.

3. T0192O  –  Oval Fine Steel Brush

Steel brushes are long lasting and efficient.  The oval fine steel brush is the ideal “pre-wax” brush that will remove dirt and other foreign substances that may accumulate on the ski base during skiing and will open the ski base allowing for better wax absorption. 6 to 8 strokes from tip to tail using light pressure is recommended prior to glide waxing.

4. T0196B  –  Combi “Turbo” Brush/Cork

This does it all for your Cera F Solid applications.  The natural cork is used for corking in Cera F Solid blocks while the short, fine nylon bristles efficiently remove excess Cera F, making your skis rocket fast!

5. T0403  –  Economy Structure Roller Tool

Fine tune your ski base structure pattern for all snow conditions!  The T0403 comes with the standard 0.5mm broken-V roller and 9 additional rollers are available.  It is simple and easy to change rollers as snow conditions vary, allowing any junior or master racer to have the ideal structure for every snow condition.

6. VG030  –  Blue Base Wax

To be used as the first layer for all hard waxes in new and fine grained snow.  VG30 is rubbed on just like a normal kick wax, within the kick zone of the ski.  Use a waxing iron to heat the wax into the base, then smooth evenly with a thumb or cork.  Let cool, then apply the kick wax for the day.

7. KB020  –  Green Base Klister Spray

Klister wax made easy!  To be used as the first layer for all klister waxes in old and coarse grained snow.  KB20 is sprayed evenly on each side of the groove within the kick zone of the ski.  Distance between the ski base and the nozzle should be 4-5cm.  Use a thumb or klister cork to smooth the klister.  Let cook, then apply the klister of the day.

8. KR035  –  NEW Special Violet Klister

For frozen corn and wet corn snow conditions from 0ºC to -4ºC.  An ideal mid layer klister on top of KB20 and underneath KR60, KR70 and KN22 Klisters.  Prevents softer klisters from sliding backward off the kick zone.

9.   FC7WS  –  FC7 Solid “Cold Turbo”

For all snow types between 0ºC and -20ºC.  Can be ironed in or corked in with a natural cork.  Removal of BW lubricant provides improved performance in cold snow conditions.  Can be used alone or as a final “accelerator” layer.

10.  N0002  –  Zero Spray

Prepare your Zero skis correctly with Swix Zero Spray!  100% fluorinated spray helps prevent icing on fresh, moist snow around 0ºC.  Apply one thin, even layer on each side of the groove within the special “Zero” inlay of the Zero ski.  Let dry for 2-3 minutes after application.

11.  I0084  –  Cleaner/Conditioner for Racing Skis

Cleans, conditions and solves flouro compounds all in one easy process!  Apply cleaner with Fiberlene, brush with white nylon brush while wet, wipe clean with Fiberlene and let dry for 5-15 minutes.  Brush with pre-wax brush and the skis are free of dirt, excess flouro compounds in the ski base and will now more readily accept glide wax.

12. RE003  –  Insulated Drink Belt

A new twist on an old favorite!  Holds 1 liter of liquid that will stay warm or cold with the insulated drink bottle.  Comes with a zippered pouch on top for extra wax storage or to hold a spare, dry hat during long ski tours.

Swix’s complete wax matrix takes the guesswork out of waxing by creating a specific wax for each condition.  If you know the air temp, relative humidity you can select Swix’s perfect wax no mixing, magic recipes, stressing or slow skis required. Get your Winning margin race day wax recommendations at www.Swixracing.us and at SwixNordic on Facebook. Swix, Your Winning Margin.

Inge Scheve

Inge is FasterSkier's international reporter, born and bred in Norway. A cross-country ski racer and mountain runner, she also dabbles on two wheels in the offseason. If it's steep and long, she loves it. Follow her on Twitter: @IngeScheve.

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