From the house with the spouse

FasterSkierDecember 18, 2010
Skiing with Margaret

We’ve got a ton of great snow here in Mazama, WA right now.    About 3 feet of snow in our yard.

It’s a Saturday morning, and for me that means a chance to get up early and ski right out the back door with my wife Margaret.     We get up early and out the door at the first light since my ski hours are constrained by my work schedule.    For Margaret it’s a normal weekend – and she’ll often ski with me, then sneak out later for another ski later in the day.

Of course, I’ve got to get to the shop by 10 to get things rolling.    Nordic Ultratune is really hopping right now, right in the final days before Christmas.   If you’re in town, stop in at Nordic Ultratune and say Hello!

Rode Super Extra Blue

The classic skiing has been especially good in the past week.    I’ve been skiing on the same Rode Extra Special Blue for several days, just a little touch up before going out each day.    While the weather holds in this pattern, I’ll stick with it.

If you need any Rode grip waxes, just let me know.   Nordic Ultratune has all the Rode stick waxes and klisters in stock.     Rode grip waxes are very versatile, and should be part of your wax box.