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Inge ScheveDecember 17, 2010

It’s not exactly getting down to the wire yet, but if you are planning to ship your gifts you need to hurry up. Need ideas for skiers on your list? This installment of the FasterSkier’s 2010 Holiday Gift Guide covers products in the $100 to $200 range.

Craft PXC Light Jacket – MSRP   $109 Cross-country skiers will appreciate the protective front and close ergonomic fit of this high-performance jacket. Ventilating elastic fabric on shoulder panels and back enhances freedom of movement. This product is available here.

3SP Quest Top – MSRP $110 Designed for the athlete that needs a universal top. 3SP® on the front offers great wind protection up to 35mph paired with Swift on the back which offers maximum breathability and temperature control. This top is styled after SportHill’s popular selling Splice Top,  offering functionality and stylish everyday wearability. This product is available here.

Salomon XA 25 WP Pack – MSRP $110 The perfect lightweight backpack that fits just like a piece of clothing. Loved by adventure racers all over the world, this durable pack is also designed to accommodate hydration systems, and plenty of pockets keeps essential gear handy. Adjustable sternum strap, shoulder straps, waist belt with pockets and airvent back panel makes the pack so comfortable you’ll hardly notice it even when running and navigating through the outback (Inge has personal experience with extended use in inclement weather – after 8 hours in pouring Norwegian rain, the shirt and granola bars stashed inside the pack were still dry while yours truly was soaked to the bone). This product is available here.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel – MSRP $110 to $160: The legendary heavy-duty duffel bag has been a trusted companion for active people for decades. For good reasons: It is waterproof, so your stuff stays dry even if you leave the bag sitting in the snow or slush for hours. The carrying straps double as backpack straps so it can be carried on your back when your hands are full. It’s durable enough to send as checked luggage with the airlines year after year and it comes in bright colors making it easy to spot on the conveyor belt. While the interior is mostly a big utility cargo space, it does have a mesh zip pocket to keep little stuff from disappearing in the big compartment. Four sizes: Small, medium, large and extra large, ranging from $110 to $160. This product is available here.

Swix Double Ski Bag with Wheels – MSRP $117.95 If you’re going to be doing any airport travel with your skis, it would be a good move to make sure you have a ski bag with wheels! The Swix double ski bag with wheels is also padded for extra protection of your precious boards, and durable – Inge on the FasterSkier staff has shuffled hers between Norway and various points in Europe and North America for almost 10 years! This product is available here.

NEOS Navigator 5 Overshoes– MSRP $118.95 These amazing overshoes fits right on top of ski boots, and allows coaches, parents and others who have to hang out at the trails for extended periods of time to stay warm and have traction for hiking around. At the same time, the overshoes are a snap to get off and stash whenever you need to be ready to ski – no ice or snow buildup under the boots. This product is available here.

Salomon Speedcross 2 – MSRP $119.95 Awesome for days when you’re doing a little speed work on foot out on the trails, or getting a little cross training in on the white stuff. Lightweight, amazing traction, and available both with and without GoreTex! (Matt just did 4x4s on a snowy trail in these and did not slip once.) This product is available here.

Rudy Project Slinger Helmet – MSRP $124.99 It’s never the wrong time of the year to think about head protection. This lightweight and comfortable bike helmet works equally well on a road bike, a mountain bike or on roller skis! This product is available here.

Salomon XT Wings 2 – MSRP $129.95 We have tested a bunch of trail running shoes and these are quite nice.  Well cushioned, yet stable and great traction. Perfect for anyone that has only run in “mainstream” shoes. The Salomon XT Wings 2 fits very similar to an Asics shoe. This product is available here.

Salomon Active III Softshell Pant – MSRP $129.99 Don’t let the wind chill you. These have Salomon’s ClimaWIND membrane in the front and a breathable back. For those of you that want to bring a little street style to your Nordic world. Available both in men’s and women’s fit. This product is available here.

Value Rollerskis For those of you that are on a budget or just getting into year-round training there are some great value choices for rollerskis, so possibilities follow:

Woodski Skate Rollerskis – MSRP $139.00 If the person on your list is looking for something to get a great workout on and while at the same time have people turn their heads and say, “are those made of wood?”  Then these are the right skis for them.  The shafts are solid American hickory – the same wood used in shovel, axe and hammer handles.  This is the toughest wood around; it is incredibly strong and flexible, giving the shafts a snow ski-like flex, and most importantly, comfort to your foot and body.  This product is available here.

Niflheim CL700 Classic Rollerskis – MSRP $199 The new CL700 rollerski takes the technology from our popular S600 skate ski, and packages it into a great classic ski.  A 700mm wheelbase, with 40mm wide rubber wheels provides a solid foundation for every kick.  Every ski comes with our built in speed reducer, and a new clutched wheel design that guarantees perfect kicks every time.  The speed reducer opens up new terrain for uphill workouts, no more fear of the return descent! This product is available here.

Niflheim S600 Skate Rollerskis – MSRP $145 The S600 rollerski from Niflheim Nordic is the best value skate rollerski available.  Every pair is equipped with a speed reducer, allowing you to be safe and comfortable on any terrain.  The skis are built to last, with all stainless steel hardware, and laser etched anodized aluminum frames.  These skis are great for anyone, beginners through seasoned masters. This product is available here.

Pursuit T6004 Skate Rollerski – MSRP $150 Pursuit’s best-seller and an exceptional value. You can chose 100 mm or large 105 mm rubber wheels in three speeds, all of which have a very long wheel life and nice smooth ride. Shafts are extruded in Pennsylvania and machined in Minnesota by  Grade of alloy and thickness of shafts are designed to provide a nice ride – not too stiff nor too heavy. Weight: 1.56 kg per pair with 100 mm wheels & 1.64 kg per pair with 105 mm wheels. This product is available here.

Toko JetStream Blue Bloc, 20g – MSRP $140 This fluorocarbon overlay is used in about 80% of our race wax recommendations (over HF Blue).  It has an incredible range even working superbly in dry falling snow around freezing (rockies).  This wax will almost certainly be used in the Noque, Birkie, Mora, and Boulder MT Tour events.  One bloc yields about 30 pair of skis waxed which is a great value. This product is available here.

Patagonia Men’s Nano Puff Pullover – MSRP $149 Perfect weight to fit under most shell jackets to make them a little warmer, or on its own on days that are not wet or windy. The puff pullover packs small and stuffs into almost any corner of your training bag. Great color options should offer something to suit most skiers’ tastes. This product is available here.

Toko T12 Digital Wax Iron – MSRP $158 It tells you what temperature you dial it in to. It also tells you what the actual temperature is.Thick base plate, narrow thermostat window, long cord with swivel, pattern on base plate to break suction and protect ski bases, and a nice form make this the nicest iron on the market. This product is available here.

BabyBjörn Synergy Carrier – MSRP $169.99 The perfect way to carry your future skier! Adjustable, comfortable for both skier and baby, and it even grows with the child! Baby can be placed rear-facing providing support for head and neck, or face-forward allowing the thrill-seeking baby to get a full view of the trail ahead. Anatomically designed to let legs and arms move naturally, as well as provide optimal comfort and support for the carrier – endless hours of fun on the trails any time of the year. Air vents to help keep the skier cool and padded straps that distribute the baby’s weight evenly. This product is available here.

Rudy Sunglasses– MSRP $174.99 Okay, even if you’re just racing in the local citizen race it is fun to look like you are on the World Cup with a fresh new pair of fluorescent sunglasses.  The Rudy Project Noyz™ is comfortable and light eyewear designed for the highest level of performance.  Like everything Rudy makes it is of the highest quality and freshest style.  This product is available here.

Sport Tube Series 2 (Two Alpine Skis) – MSRP $179.99 For the skier in your life that does a lot of traveling through airports. Not big enough to hold a Kris Freeman-size quill of skis, but the hard case will give you peace of mind that your skis will get to your destination intact. That is of course assuming that they will get there, but that is another issue we can’t solve. While you are at it you might want to grab an Easy Pull Handle and TSA approved lock. This product is available here.

Intrasonic Skate Skis 2010/2011 – MSRP $189.95 The New Madshus Intrasonic Skate Ski is a lightweight, affordable skate ski. It’s ideal for the fitness skier or high school racer and features P-Tex 2000 Electra sintered racing base. NIS Plate not included. The Intrasonic Skate Ski is non NIS for the 2010/2011 season.  This product is available here.

Rossignol X9 Skate Ski Boots 2010/2011 – MSRP $199 The Rossignol X9 Skate Ski Boot combines the latest in Rossi technology with well fitting comfort at an affordable price. Asymmetric Stiffeners in the body of the boot react to every situation. They offer great foot arch support, twist resistance, and kick control and stability. The lock down lacing system offers extra foot support through simultaneous foot instep and heel locking.  This product is available here.

Fischer RC3 Skating My Style Women’s Boot – MSRP $199 A stylish, technical skate boot specifically designed for ambitious women featuring the Fischer signature Ladies Fit Concept. Keep her feet warm and dry with this fleece-lined boot, while the individually adjustable Flex Cuff and ergonomically designed Heel Cap provide perfect hold. This product is available here.

Inge Scheve

Inge is FasterSkier's international reporter, born and bred in Norway. A cross-country ski racer and mountain runner, she also dabbles on two wheels in the offseason. If it's steep and long, she loves it. Follow her on Twitter: @IngeScheve.

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