Looking Forward to Nationals in Rumford

FasterSkierDecember 29, 2010

It seems that conditions in Rumford will be old transformed snow with old powder mixed in.  The snow will be heavily machined and old.  Overnight temps will be around 10F and highs around freezing and warmer at the end of the week.  Be sure to have plenty of HF Moly, HF Red, HF Yellow, JetStream Red, and JetStream Yellow on hand for the week!  The Classic Sprint on Sunday looks to be an interesting day with freezing rain in the forecast.

Toko Info Center

The Toko Info Center is a huge resource.  Here you can find not only ski preparation manuals for download, but also recommended iron temperatures, information on the chemical make up of wax, links to product pages, and technical information on the Toko Thermo Bag, summer storage waxing, waxing for extreme cold conditions, and on preparing new skis.  There is a manual on using the new Toko Structurite, glove sizing charts, brush selection recommendations, and grip wax charts.  Click here to visit the Toko Info Center.

Toko Wax Coach
We provide wax recommendations for pretty much every cross country ski race in the US, however sometimes people want to play with a tool to use on their own.  For recreational skiers who want fast skis, The Toko Wax Coach is obviously a great tool.  The Toko Wax Coach is a program that enables you to enter parameters that affect waxing such as snow type and temperature and then it recommends a wax of the day.  Try it out here!

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