Merry Christmas

FasterSkierDecember 25, 2010

Christmas day here in Mazama has been a nice day off.     Today is the first day off that Margaret and I have had together since September!  

At the Basecamp Bridge over the Methow River
After an early breakfast, we skied from the back door, heading up-valley at a relaxed pace.   Stopping for photos and chatting, but wary of tree-bombs from the heavily laden pines and cottonwoods along the trail; the trees are dropping snow and branches today.

Margaret stole my “Lake Express” hat.   It definitely fits her better than me.
The Methow River is just a trickle at this time of year, and sometimes there is no surface water at all.    This year there is noticeable flow; it makes a pretty backdrop with the snow.     The ski trails pass by the North Cascades Basecamp, which was taken over by Steve and Kim Bondi this past autumn – they’re doing a great job there.    From the Basecamp, the trail crosses the river, and offers long kilometers of trails in the narrow valley near the confluence of the Lost River and the Methow.
Skis leaning against the side of the house.
We skied for 2 hours and looped back to the house.   Back at home this afternoon, there’s time to relax and get started on a book.    Some phone calls with family and friends.      There’s not as much to do when you live in a quiet, snowy, rural mountain area, but it takes longer to get anything done.   So it works out well.

I hope you all are having a peaceful day and are finding comfort and joy with family and friends.