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FasterSkierJanuary 18, 2011

The most important thing that we do at Toko regarding the Nordic market are our Race Wax Tips.  We recognize that a very large number of people depend on them and make our tips only after researching the conditions, having first hand knowledge of the course and its intricacies, and often times even speaking with the groomers (should the timing of the grooming be a factor as it sometimes is).  We devote a large portion of our resources (both time and money) to making sure that the wax recommendations are done in the best way possible and as accurately as possible.  Should we not have good information, we will not post a tip. Should a forecast change suddenly, we will post an update.  This doesn’t happen too often though.

The wax tips are done by the Toko Tech Team and selected members of Team Rossignol.  Generally, these people have been waxing professionals working for Toko for 10 years.  They are experienced, knowledgeable, have learned from any mistakes that they may have made in the past (our record is excellent), and are simply very interested in coming through for you week after week.  This is their focus.

Factors considered when forming a wax recommendation in addition to start time and forecast include:

  • Anticipated snow type and moisture content
  • Anticipated dirt content of the snow
  • If the event involves laps or is a point to point (gets skied on or is dry)
  • The number of participants (gets skied in)
  • Insider knowledge about the course (we have lots of this)
  • The properties of the products that we have at our disposal
  • When the course will be groomed in the event of new snow or a big change in temperature.
  • What waxes have been performing well recently on the course
  • Historical knowledge of what has worked at that particular event

Our team has had pretty much no turnover and we have been doing race wax tips for over 10 years now.  We are as interested in getting things exactly right today as we were on our first day.

We send out the eBlast with the race wax tips on Thursday morning (10am MST).  Often times we don’t have information on an event by then, especially a Sunday event as we are waiting to see what the forecast does or to hear back from someone.  In that case, we don’t send it out, but we just post it generally 48 hours or more before the event.  Here’s the link to our race wax tips portal page

Field Report from NENSA

Wax of the weekend of Lake Placid SuperTours was again Toko HF blue, with cold powder mixed in, jet stream blue, and the Red Toko structure.

Had a couple of podiums and several in the top 8…

Janice Sibilia, NENSA Competitive Programs Director

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