Toko: US Nationals Skate Sprint Race Report

FasterSkierJanuary 8, 2011
Torin on his way to US National Title #2 this week. Photo: Toko.

US Nationals Skate Sprint Race Report

Waxing was interesting today and showed why I am happy to be a Toko man.  I was expecting a lot of styrofoam-like manmade snow mixed in with the bit of old snow that remained.  Somehow the snow changed and today skied more like “normal” snow.  The wax recommendation would have rocked for sure in what we were expecting so I was relieved to see that the HF Blue/XCold mix was the fastest baselayer choice for the day.  JetStream Blue was also the leading top coat.  It has to be appreciated that you can midjudge the conditions a little and still absolutely nail the wax.

This was a course for those who can generate a lot of speed with their legs on high speed sections, glide well, and have good finishing speed.  Jessie Diggins was tripped up in the A final, hit the top of the final downhill in 5th place well separated from 4th, and then hammered over the top, got in a low tuck, worked the small bumps and dips, let her skis run (flat), and shot into 3rd on the dip next to the 200 meters to go sign and then opened it up to take a clear win.  How impressive was that!  She’s on her way shortly to World Junior Championships representing the stars and bars.

This was the first year since Torin was a kid that he hasn’t been affiliated with the National team despite some strong international results including a podium in an individual World Cup race.  You have to have a lot of respect and admiration for how he circled the wagons and got his house in order, found some excellent support (Methow Olympic Development), worked his tail off, continued to develop his game (he is racing smarter now), and came out hungry.  The result was 2 more National Championships and solid standing as one of the US’ top two sprinters.  Bravo Torin!

Click here for the rest of the photos and report from today’s Skate Sprint.

Field Report from CXC from US Nationals

Tad Elliot won the distance skate race on a mix of HF Blue and XCold powder with a top coat of JetStream Blue.  The XCold addition really made a difference in the madmade snow.

Jason Cork, CXC Elite Team Head Coach

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