Wet weather fails to dampen the ski season

FasterSkierJanuary 17, 2011
The Mantec Ski Numericontrol 140 at Nordic Ultratune

A warm wet “pineapple express” has brought rain and balmy weather to the inland Northwest, melting about 1/3 of our local snowpack.     Fortunately we have plenty of snow to survive this weekend warm-up, and the forecast is calling for cooler temps and a bit of fresh snow to return us to our regularly scheduled winter.      The sooner the better!

Meanwhile, the ski service work continues to churn along – it’s the busiest season ever at Nordic Ultratune.    Gold, silver and bronze medals were won at the recent national championships on skis prepared on the Nordic Ultratune grinder.      The Technolami Mantec Ski Numericontrol 140 NC continues to turn out beautiful skis.