NCCSEF, USSA and Its 10 JO Divisions Announce J1 Scandinavian Cup Blog

FasterSkierFebruary 2, 2011

NCCSEF, USSA and its 10 JO divisions, are pleased to announce the 2011 J1 Scandinavian Cup Team blog

This “Scando Cup” trip is one of the premier steps of the elite junior athlete and coach development pipeline in the U.S. The Scando Cup is most often the first exposure to international level racing and racing travel for U.S. athletes. Traveling to Scandinavia and putting on a race bib is an eye opening experience. Most athletes come back with a new appreciation to the dedication and focus needed to succeed internationally. Coaches attending the trip also gain valuable experience in the trials and tribulations of international racing and coaching as well.

As Ian Harvey states, “I remember racing world juniors my first time and despite being the top American, I stopped on the side of the trail for a bit watching Russians and Norwegians race by me…I was blown away. I couldn’t believe it when I was our top finisher as I was so discouraged while out skiing. Later that winter I had the opportunity to race polar cup (now Scando) and was competing in every race. The next year at World Juniors I was a lot more competitive and even won a sprint in the relay against some other teams. It was a great thing for me to have done (the polar cup trip). Tons of racing which gave me time to work things out and gain confidence. “

Women Club Men Club
Annie Liotta AWS Forrest Mahlen APUNSC
Marion Woods AWS Logan Hanneman FAST
Cambria McDermott STRATTON Patrick Caldwell STRATTON
Stella Holt Glacier Nordic Dylan McGarthwaite MSC
Sharmila Ahmed GO Training Peter Namrol AWS
Hannah Boyer FXC-NCSF John Hegman MANSFIELD
Heather Mooney -will race JWC instead STRATTON

Coaching Staff: Matthew Johnson, Head Coach – Burke Mountain Academy, Peter Leonard, Coach/Lead Wax Tech – FXC, Kate Barton, Coach – Jackson Hole High School Ski Team

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