Ski Classics Third Stage in Germany

FasterSkierFebruary 5, 2011

The long distance ski championships across Europe, Ski Classics, move this weekend to Germany, where König Ludwig Lauf will held.  Ski Classics consist of the six most prestigious cross country long distance events in the world. König Ludwig Lauf is a 42km race in classic technique with the finish in the city of Oberammergau.

The overall leader in the Ski Classics Champion race Oskar Svärd, Team Exspirit, will be challenged by first of all the double poling specialists such as last weekend´s Marcialonga winner Jerry Ahrlin and Jörgen Aukland from Team Xtra Personell and Team Patria Directs Stanislav Rezac. There are also interested starts in the Norwegians Simen Östensen and Thomas Alsgaard, both Team United Bakeries, the later finished 3rd in last weekend´s 15km Norwegian Championship. The women Ski Classics Champion race has a tied first place between Sandra Hansson, Team United Bakeries, and Seraina Boner, Engadin Skimarathon. And behind them the two double poling specialists from Team Exspirit, Jenny Hansson and Susanne Nyström, are ready to challenge for the victory.

The course consists of two laps of each 21km and has two Ski Classics Sprints at 3,5km and 13,5km.

The race can be followed live at the Ski Classics Live Center at .

Information and current standings at:


Ski Classics events 2011:

Ski Classics Event 1         Jizerska Padesatka          Czech Republic               9 January 2011

Ski Classics Event 2         Marcialonga                   Italy                             30 January 2011

Ski Classics Event 3        König Ludwig Lauf          Germany                           6 February 2011

Ski Classics Event 4         Vasaloppet                    Sweden                        6 March 2011

Ski Classics Event 5         Birkebeinerrennet           Norway                        19 March 2011

Ski Classics Final             Norefjellrennet               Norway                         2 April 2011

Top 3 Standings before König Ludwig Lauf:

Ski Classics Team

1 Team Exspirit                                                         378 points

2 Team Xtra Personell                                           311 points

3 Team United Bakeries                                       274 points

Ski Classics Champion

1 Oskar Svärd                               Team Exspirit                              177 points
2 Stanislav Rezac                        Team Patria Direct                     146 points
3 Anders Aukland                      Team Xtra Personell                 123 points


1 Sandra Hansson                      Team United Bakeries             180 points
1 Serraina Boner                         Engadin Skimarathon Team   180 points
3 Susanne Nyström                   Team Exspirit                              140 points

Ski Classics Sprint
1 Oskar Svärd                              Team Exspirit                               17 points

2 Anders Aukland                      Team Xtra Personell                 13 points

3 Jerry Ahrlin                                Team United Bakeries             10 points


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