College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University Nordic Ski Team Needs Support

Kieran JonesMarch 4, 2011

We need your help. I’m coming to you as an unofficial representative of the recently torn apart College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University Nordic Ski Team. As of 3/3/2011, the team was cut by the administration for stated “budget issues” and to “strengthen the other programs”. During the meeting, we were told by the four administrators present that the program was being cut. There was no option for discussion or debate. In fact, our long-term coach Dave Johnson (who formed the team eleven years ago) and our new, and loved, assistant coach Emily Ranta didn’t find out until earlier that evening.

During the meeting I posed the question of form: “So, you’re cutting the Nordic team because we have fewer spectators and you want to put more money towards the programs that actually draw more crowds and are therefore, in your eyes, more important?” I’m going to be honest, this was meant to draw them into a faulty answer. Instead, they agreed. The sports administration actually agreed with this statement.

There are some serious injustices going on here, which should not go unnoticed. This is where you come in. Whether you love racing, touring, or just being outdoors; whether you are an avid skier, just love the sport, know anybody who is a skier – heck, even if you know what Nordic skiing is! I implore you to let your voice be heard by the sports administration here at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University.

I thank you in advance for any response we do get. If  1000 people read this and even just 1 responds, I will consider the writing of this letter a success. This level of success can be compounded if you spread the news. Tell your friends to tell your friends that 1/3 of Collegiate Varsity Nordic Skiing in Minnesota was cut on 3/3/2011.

Contact info for the administrators
Fr. Doug Mullin, OSB, Vice President for Student Development
(320) 363-2737
Tom Stock, Athletic Director/Athletic Marketing and Fundraising
(320) 363-2629

Mary Geller, Vice President for Student Development
(320) 363-5601
Carol Howe-Veenstra, Athletic Director
(320) 363-5201

We can fight this. We can win.

All the best,
Ryan Lesch
Nordic Skier
Saint John’s University ‘13

Kieran Jones

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