IBU WC Sprint: Americans

JoranMarch 18, 2011

Yesterday’s biathlon WC sprint saw a mix of results for the Americans. First, things seem to have sort of reversed themselves from early in the season with Laura Spector struggling and the other ladies skiing quite well:

An excellent race from Haley Johnson and Sara Studebaker, but a pretty dismal one for Spector, who shot rather poorly. From the looks of things, shooting should for sure be a priority for these ladies going into next season.

Tim Burke almost had a great race yesterday, but with two misses it ended up being just pretty good:

Burke has clearly struggled with his shooting this year. I have almost no personal experience with biathlon (not none, just almost none) but I’m always tempted to think about shooting as analogous to pitching in American baseball. Pitching can be fairly fickle, even for the best of them. Excellent pitchers will suddenly suck one year for no apparent reason.

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