Ski Classics Moves to Sweden for Vasaloppet

FasterSkierMarch 5, 2011

The long distance ski championships across Europe, Ski Classics, moves this weekend to Sweden and Vasaloppet where the third  stage of the series will be held. Ski Classics consist of the six most prestigious cross country events in the world. Vasaloppet is the longest with its 90km course in classic technique running through the beautiful forests of Dalarna in Sweden.

The leader of Ski Classics Champion race Oskar Svärd, Team Exspirit, will try to defend his position, he is also on top in the Ski Classics Sprint competition. He will have a tough battle against giants such as three times Vasaloppet winner Daniel Tynell, Team Grycksbo, and Jerry Ahrlin, Team Xtra Personell, who has won two out of three Ski Classics races so far this year.

In the women competition the overall leader Serraina Boner, Engadin Skimarathon, will start in Vasaloppet for the first time trying to defend her title against skiers such as Sandra Hansson, Team United Bakeries, and last year winner Susanne Nyström, Team Exspirit.
Ski Classics presents also its new “Ski Classics Sports Committee”, consisting of three distinguished people: Cal Henning Gran, Tommy Höglund and Staffan Larsson. The purpose of the Sports Committee is to oversee and protect the Ski Classics point system and fair play.
Information and current standings at:

Attached are media guides in English and Swedish, the Swedish version is more detailed.

Ski Classics event 2011

Ski Classics Event 1 – Jizerska Padesatka               Czech Republic               9 January 2011

Ski Classics Event 2 – Marcialonga                        Italy                                 30 January 2011

Ski Classics Event 3 – König Ludwig Lauf                Germany                       6 February 2011

Ski Classics Event 4 – Vasaloppet                          Sweden                         6 March 2011

Ski Classics Event 5 – Birkebeinerrennet                 Norway                         19 March 2011

Ski Classics Final     – Norefjellrennet                    Norway                         2 April 2011

Standings before Vasaloppet

Ski Classics Champion Men

1 Oskar Svärd                Team Exspirit                                  257
2 Stanislav Rezac            Team Patria Direct                           229
3 Jerry Ahrlin                 Team Xtra Personell                         211

4 Anders Aukland            Team Xtra Personell                         155

5 Jörgen Aukland            Team Xtra Personell                         81
6 Martin Larsson             Team Martin Larsson                        69
7 Audun Laugaland          Team United Bakeries                       54
8 Mattias Fredriksson      Team Exspirit                                  52

9 Toni Livers                  Engadin Skimarathon Team                50

10 Marco Catteneo          Team Scame                                  40

Ski Classics Champion Women

1 Seraina Boner             Engadin Skimarathon Team                260

2 Sandra Hansson           Team United Bakeries                       250

3 Susanne Nyström         Team Exspirit                                  210

4 Jenny Hansson             Team Exspirit                                  150

5 Sabine Valbusa            Team Scame-Office                         80

Ski Classics Sprint

1 Oskar Svärd                Team Exspirit                                  27

2 Anders Aukland            Team Xtra Personell                         15
3 Jerry Ahrlin                 Team Xtra Personell                         11

4 Stanislav Rezec            Team Patria Direct                           9
5 Martin Larsson             Team Martin Larsson                        6

Ski Classics Team Points

1 Team Exspirit                                536

2 Team Xtra Personell                       474

3 Team United Bakeries                     363

4 Engadin Skimarathon Team             330

5 Team Patria Direct                         229


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