Concept2 Offers Web-Based SkiErg Performance Series

FasterSkierApril 6, 2011

Morrisville, VT – Skiers have had limited options for controlled performance testing: not everyone has access to a rollerski treadmill, rollerskis vary significantly in speed, and running time trials aren’t especially ski-specific.


To help address this need, Concept2 has developed a web-based testing series using the Concept2 SkiErg. The SkiErg Performance Series is a program of consistent, scheduled testing over a range of test distances designed to inform smart training. The web component enables skiers to log and compare their results, from test to test and skier to skier. The series spans the dryland training season starting in May when skiers get back to serious training, and ending in November when races begin on snow. Additional intermediate test periods are offered in July and September, to monitor training along the way.


The SkiErg, with its accurate Performance Monitor (PM), offers coaches and athletes a training and testing tool that is ski-specific, controlled and comparable. The SkiErg provides useful data and is a measure of a skier’s potential performance.


Here is a snapshot of the test periods and distances:

Test Periods: (test may be performed at any time during the month)

  • • Post-season: May 1–31
  • • Early summer: July 1–31
  • • End of summer: September 1–30
  • • Pre-season: November 1–30

Test Distances:

  • • Speed/Power: 30 seconds
  • • Sprint: 1000m
  • • Distance:2000m, especially for J2 and younger skiers
  • • Distance: 5000m


Skiers and coaches worldwide are encouraged to submit scores for all or any of the test distances in each of the four test periods so progress can be monitored. Visit for complete details including how to submit scores to the online logbook.


Results will be posted and archived on the Concept2 Logbook so that coaches and athletes may refer back to historical data.



Concept2 was founded by Dick and Peter Dreissigacker in 1976. Both competitive rowers and engineers, the two brothers designed and manufactured carbon fiber racing oars, then went on to create the world’s first air­resistance indoor rower. The SkiErg, launched in 2009, builds upon the Dreissigackers’ love of skiing and Concept2’s years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-performance training equipment. For more information about Concept2, visit



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