Switzerland Wants Tour de Ski Stages

FasterSkierApril 18, 2011

Successes of Swiss skiers in recent years have strongly increased the importance of Cross-Country skiing in Switzerland. Swiss-Ski wants to boost interest in Cross-Country skiing with high level World Cup competition.

“The FIS Tour de Ski represents the most important event in the World Cup calendar. It is the best way, how Cross-Country skiing in Switzerland could strengthen its positions. Our goal is to welcome each year a FIS Tour de Ski stage in Switzerland in addition to the traditional World Cup in Davos,” explains Dierk Beisel, chief high performance sport with Swiss-Ski.

Resorts Engadin, Engelberg, Lenzerheide and Val Müstair submitted to Swiss Ski their interest to host FIS Tour de Ski stages. Later on during discussions Engelberg withdrew its candidacy and the three remaining bidders presented their dossiers to Swiss-Ski. “The quality of every bid was at the highest level, candidates are very well prepared,” reveals Dierk Beisel. Each candidate has been analyzed in recent days and strengths and weaknesses have been weighed.

Swiss-Ski has decided to propose to FIS Lenzerheide as a kick off stage organizer and Val Müstair as host of intermediate stages. The candidacy of Lenzerheide is particularly strong in organizing experiences, geographical location and environmental sustainability through the construction of the biathlon and Cross-Country center. Val Müstair’s advantage is proximity to the South Tirol and great enthusiasm of Cross-Country skiing fans thanks to success of local hero Dario Cologna. The FIS Tour de Ski stage offers the region a unique opportunity to present to a large audience.

The two applications will be submitted in the next few days to FIS. Swiss-Ski is convinced that both Lenzerheide and Val Müstair stages would be optimal locations for the FIS Tour de Ski.

FIS Cross-Country World Cup calendar shell be discussed and confirmed at the FIS Calendar Conference in Portoroz in the beginning of June. Before the FIS Cross-Country World Cup 2011/12 calendar is official the FIS council must approve it at its regular meeting.

Source: FIS/Swiss-Ski


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