Vidar Løfshus Norway’s New National Team Director

Inge ScheveApril 8, 2011

After two days of meetings, the Norwegian Ski Association (NSF) determined to offer Vidar Løfshus the National Team Director position. Due to reorganizations, his former job title was eliminated.

Løfshus has covered a variety of different positions over the past five seasons, but with the new divisions within the organization, Løfshus will now be responsible for the elite teams.

“We got the man we most wanted for the job; Løfshus was our first choice. He has a solid network of contacts in exercise science and close ties with the physiology department at Olympiatoppen (Ed: Norway’s Olympic development center). He was also wanted by the other coaches,” said Åge Skinstad, who is leaving the position Løfshus has accepted.

Løfshus, 41, was first hired by NSF in 2006, as an assistant coach for the all-round team and the sprint team. Five years later, he is now the “boss” of all the coaches. Løfshus has a business degree and currently lives in Vestby, just south of Oslo.  He is originally from Meldal in central Norway, and from 2004 to 2006, he was responsible for the US sprint racers.

His own racing background includes competing for the private team Postgiro-laget in the mid-1990s. Merits include a third place in the Vasaloppet, as well as a ninth place in the 30K at the Norwegian nationals in the 1990s.

“Of course, I feel honored to be considered for the head coach position with the Norwegian national team. It’s a coveted position, and I am certainly aware of the job that needs to get done. This is a huge challenge, but I hope to be able to continue the solid effort that’s been put into this over years. The goal is to solve the challenge of further developing the success that we’ve experienced the past seasons. If necessary, we’ll develop processes in the teams that allow us to raise the bar even higher,” Løfshus said in the press release.

Løfshus will have the overall responsibility for everyone in the coaching and support system. At the same time, he will name Norway’s World Cup, championship and international racing teams.

The national teams for the next season will be announced at Geilo on April 29, prior to Skarverennet, which takes place on April 30.

Press release from The Norwegian Ski Association, April 8, 2011. Translation by Inge Scheve

Inge Scheve

Inge is FasterSkier's international reporter, born and bred in Norway. A cross-country ski racer and mountain runner, she also dabbles on two wheels in the offseason. If it's steep and long, she loves it. Follow her on Twitter: @IngeScheve.

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