NZ Sprint Interview: Skyler Davis

FasterSkierAugust 23, 2011

Birthdate: 12/22/1991

Hometown: Jericho, VT

Current Residence: Stratton, VT

Ski Club: Stratton Mountain School

FasterSkier:  Going into the NZ Winter Games, what did you hope to accomplish?

Skyler Davis: I wanted to race fast and be able to compete with some of the top guys in the world. Its pretty sweet that these guys are here, especially for the sprint.

FS: Over the course of this camp, have you been working on any specific aspects of technique?

SD: We have specific goals for each work out, for me specifically, I’m working on shifting my weight more classic in skiing and using my legs more.  The big thing for me on every distance ski, throwing that hip to each pocket

FS: How will your performance at the NZ winter games fit into what you do overall with this season?

SD: It’s a good opportunity to race against these top guys, but its not one of my biggest races to go fast at.  This camp is definitely more about getting as much training in as possible.

FS: As this camp wraps up, what do you wish you could have done more of? Anything less?

SD: No, the camp’s been really good, the weather has been ridiculous, how good its been. Its been sunny every day.  Its hard to take a day off.  We’ve taking advantage of perfectly groomed trails and great weather.

FS: What do you hope to accomplish between now and the next time you’re on snow?

SD: Well, after this camp I’m going on a surf trip for four days, with Simi and Newell.  It will be good to unwind before I go on a 25 hour plane ride.  We’ve rented a house right on the beach.  As a workout, surfing is still awesome.

FS: Do you have a favorite work out?

SD: Speed work outs, so this afternoon will be sweet.

FS: Which do you like better, skate or classic?  Why?

SD: Probably classic, but really whichever goes faster.

FS: Favorite venue?

Sun Valley.

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