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FasterSkierOctober 5, 2011

With fall now here, the weather is predictably starting to turn cool and inclement. This change, coupled with less daylight hours, can pose a challenge to the motivation needed to carry on one’s summer cross training campaign or to start your pre-season conditioning. As human beings, we often turn to an external source for support. Whether we are looking for some inspirational words to help get us up and out of bed and to the gym or the promise of warm lunch waiting us when we get back after a ride in raining weather, human beings are a social species and reaching out to others is very common.

But what happens when there is not a kind face to cheer you on to the gym in the early dark hours of the morning or no hot lunch when you get home cold, wet and hungry? What then? This is the time when you need to turn inward for help or to “inspire yourself”. While Nordic skiing can be a very social activity, a person is still self-propelled. It is up to you to get back to wherever it is was you started earlier. Now, when it’s all uphill and your energy tank is low, being able to draw out those extra reserves through positive / inspiring thoughts really brings out the best in you.

For some people, their inspiration comes from the simple act of being outside and skiing. Pierre Harvey, one of Canada’s most celebrated summer and winter athlete’s is a case in point. Pierre made his western home at Silver Star Mountain when he was at his peak in the early to mid-1980s. Silver Star Cross Country Camp Co-Founder & Resident Coach, Norm Crerar, had a chance to get to know him and shared with us the special person Pierre was. “If anyone needs a model on self-motivation, take a page out of Pierre Harvey’s book on life” says Crerar.

Norm went onto share that in 1984, Pierre was a cyclist in the Summer Olympics and then was a XC skier in the 1884 Winter Olympics. Along with two other wins on the international ski scene, in 1988 Pierre came first in the prestigious Holmenkollen Ski Festival 50 KM event. Asked how he could motivate and inspire himself to such a high level and he told us it was simple. He was studying to be a Mechanical Engineer. This was hard to do as he had to jam his University studies in with his competitive schedule and training schedule. He studied so hard that he looked forward to training as it was a welcome break. In the winter, he could not wait to get out on his skis and get the oxygen flowing through his mind and body.

Learning to be a “self-inspired skier” takes some effort as it does not always come naturally to everyone. With the fall season now here and snow only 4-6 weeks away, it’s a good time to get yourself started. You and your skiing friends will be glad you did!

Time is starting to run out! Book your Silver Star Mountain Cross Country Camp between now and October 31 and receive 20% off your on-mountain accommodation. Now that’s something to smile about.
Did you know? Silver Star Cross Country Camps incorporate yoga / stretching sessions in our camps given by fitness expert Ms. Claudia Sorenson. Two more great reasons to come to our camps this fall. For more information and to book your Silver Star Cross Country Ski Camp please contact our Central Reservations / 1-800-663-4431 / 250-558-6083

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