Toko: West Yellowstone Classic Race Report

FasterSkierNovember 27, 2011
Erik Bjornsen on his way to an excellent 3rd place finish.

Saturday SuperTour Classic Race

At 7am, it was -17f.  Yes, the remnants of the tropical storm were gone!  Today was a delight.  West Yellowstone was back to its wonderful normal self.  For glide, we went with LF Moly/Blue mix (mix the LF Blue in to harden the Moly up), HF Blue, and covered by JS Blue. We verified the glide wax tip in the morning and it was great.  For kick, we ended up on the new Nordic Gripwax Blue covered by a thin layer of Mint.  The Blue was actually very good pretty much all over the course, but the Mint cover improved it in the very cold shady sections and where a bit of fresh snow was created by skis rubbing against the sides of the tracks.  Most people had enough structure in their skis, but for the men’s race, the Blue structurite was a good thing.  Once the sun got up, the air warmed up quickly.  The snow (and air) stayed very cold in the shade, but overall during the race the conditions stayed pretty stable and it made for a simply wonderful day with perfect skiing conditions and beautiful scenery.  It was one of those days that made you thankful to be outside.

Congratulations to Erik, Jessie, Kate, and Jennie on their podium finishes as well as to all who were in West Yellowstone making the most of it.  I think everyone would agree that it was a great week!

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