A to Zeller: Tour de Ski Stage 5 (Very late)

FasterSkierJanuary 7, 2012

TOBLACH, Italy – In all the confusion of travel, race coverage, and eating delicious Italian cheese, we failed to post the Tour Day 5 A to Zeller.  While slightly dated, here it is in all its glory…Ranging from ‘A’ for Alexander Legkov to ‘Z’ for…well you should know by now.

A – Alexander Leglov:  Victorious today.

B – Benzene:  This is not diesel.  Don’t put this in your vehicle over here.  Ooops!

C – Cappucino:  Looking forward to another one. We’ll be hooking up an IV of this stuff.

D – Diet:   This will begin after we eat the unlimited cheese here (free at the media center) after departing Toblach.

E – Excuses:  Excuses are like rear-ends:  we all have them and they all stink.    Save them for another time.

F – Farmer’s Blow:   AKA ‘Snot Rockets’.   Nordic skiers might be the only athletes that can do this technique well.

G – Guri:  Hetland.  Head coach of Switzerland, and wife of superstar Tore Arne.   Fasterskier scored an interview with her, but canceled it due to the ‘Benzene incident.’ Fortunately rescheduled and accomplished later.

H – Hotel:   Grand Hotel.  Quite possibly the fanciest hotel to ever house the media center at a sporting event.  Thank you Toblach!

I – Illegal:   To strap your skis on the roof of your car.  After spending 30 minutes strapping bags on the roof, we took it all off after a lady scowled at us.

J – Japarov:   Dmitriy.  Russia.   One of the many Russians in the mix.

K – Kilometers:  Total TDS distance=many of these.

L – Lungs:  “I like it, but not my lungs!”  cough cough cough….Dario talking about the 5km distance.

M – MRI:   Revealed yesterday that Holly Brooks has several ‘non-dislocated fractures in her radius and ligament damage around the scaphoid.’….and she’s still racing.   Tough girl.  Pain meds anyone?

N – Neunundziebzig:   The price of a Rittersport bar.  0.79 euros

O – OMG: This place here in Italy is gorgeous!  I want to move here…. Oh wait, I’d go broke in 6 months.   78 Euros per night.  Ouch.

P – Pickled:  Herring for breakfast.  Nat agreed to eat 5 fillets of this stuff all for unlimited cappuccinos for the rest of the Tour.   He failed, we laughed.

Q – Question:    How many Italian wine companies exist?   Try guessing.  (hint, go big)

R – Reto: Burgermeister.   Alexander Leghov referred to Reto (Russia’s coach) as a ‘super trainer’ in the post race press conference.

S – Shopping Carts:   Small, compact, Eurocarts with 4-wheel steering.  Way cool.

T – Trains:    Everywhere.   One really doesn’t need a car in Europe to vacation around.   Just jump on the train.  America could learn something….

U – UP!    The tiny compact Volkswagen fuel efficient car….such a contrast to the USA’s big gas hogs.

V – V-Markt:   German gas station.  Learn the difference between the fuels.  J

W – Whop-Job:   Adjective stated by one coach describing the final kick was combination on one athletes skis.

X – X Number:   (X as in the unknown number of ski resorts in the Dolomites). Toblach is a pin-prick on the map.

Y – Yilmaz:   Our new Turkish friend who towed our car to the AutoHaus.  Thank you for not laughing.

Z – Zeller:  12th place today, considering she was the third German woman…behind Boehler and Fessel.  The German ladies are picking it up big time.


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