Toko: 2012 US Nationals 20/30k Classic Report

FasterSkierJanuary 7, 2012
David Norris focusing as he breaks away.
OK, so the plan was to have old manmade snow today and to go with Base Green and then alternating layers of Base Green and Carbon Grip Mint. So it snowed of course. By the time the women’s race got going, there was maybe 2 inches and it kept snowing until the men were almost done. So, since using lots of Base Green works better for older snow, we tested and ended up predictably on a traditonal wax job – binder with our regular kick waxes on top. At 7:45, our best wax was straight Nordic Grip Blue. At 8:30, Nordic Grip Red covered by Nordic Grip Blue was best. This was the women’s race wax tip. (along with HF Blue/Red mix covered by JS Blue/Red mix). It was clearly dynamite.
As one would expect, conditions warmed slowly such that in the next test, the best combination was base green covered by Nordic Grip Blue on the front and back of the kick zone with Nordic Grip Red in the middle (multiple layers of course). Then at 8:30 after more testing (and slowly changing conditions) we changed to 2 inches of Nordic Grip Blue on the front of the grip zone with the rest of the zone waxed with Nordic Grip Red. That really was super today and was our recommendation for the men’s race (Glide HF Red, JetStream Red).
AWS coach Jan Buron waxed David Norris’ skis with this recommendation – HF Red, JS Red for glide and Base Green binder covered with layers of Nordic Grip Red.
The US Nordic racing community is a close one. Also official relationships change due to contractual obligations or simply other opportunities. Anyway, I know that some would have the different manufacturers disliking each other and would prefer to see acrimony between them because it’s entertaining. The truth is that we all get along pretty well and everyone wishes all of the athletes well regardless of affiliation. I can no longer support Tad and Noah for example due to USST contractual issues, but was really happy for both of them when they won their races yesterday and today. Cross Country skiers are a cool bunch and are fun to spend time around. I’m thankful to be able to work in such an environment and to have great lifelong friends through this ski passion of ours.

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