Hendrickson wins 2 World Cups, tightens grip on overall lead

FasterSkierFebruary 12, 2012

Ljubno, Slovenia — Sarah Hendrickson’s double fist-pump in the outrun is a modest show of celebration for the U.S. teen who’s been adamantly punching through the ceiling of women’s ski jumping this season.

With two more World Cup wins this weekend in Ljubno, Slovenia, she’s sitting soundly in 1st place in the overall standings. Sarah has won six out of nine World Cup events and has notched at least two hill records, including Sunday’s second-round jump of 95 meters on the challenging K85 jump in Ljubno.

“I had one of the best jumps I’ve ever had in competition and it all just came together and worked out so well,” Hendrickson said. “Technically I stayed in balance and my timing was good and in flight I kept my arms closer to my body. It was great coming over the knoll in that second jump — I knew it was good.”

Coach Paolo Bernardi said Hendrickson is going from event to event, focused on jumping her best — and focused to win. “She’s in the perfect spot now,” he said of her overall 1st-place ranking.

The Visa Women’s Ski Jumping Team is also No 1 overall — more than 437 points ahead of Germany — thanks to consistent podium, top-10 and top-20 results. Jessica Jerome, who took 5th on Saturday and 8th on Sunday, is jumping super aggressively and strong and is stepping up with more confidence, Bernardi said.

“Coming into this weekend, I knew what I needed to do in Ljubno. This hill can be challenging and there were a couple of technical things I was able to figure out and fix,” said Jerome, currently 10th in the world. “I was really happy with my results.”

Lindsey Van, ranked 3rd in the world, was 8th Saturday and 10th Sunday; Abby Hughes was 18th both days; and Alissa Johnson was 22nd and 21st. More than 3,000 spectators came out both days to watch the women jump — some of the largest crowds they’ve had so far this season.

“It’s been a long six weeks on the road and I’m looking forward to coming home to recharge and prepare for the next World Cups in Zao, Japan,” Jerome said. “Our team is doing amazing and we’re ready to finish out the season strong.”

Hendrickson, Nina Lussi and Nita Englund will compete in a Continental Cup event Feb. 18-19 in Liberec, Czech Republic in preparation for the Junior World Ski Jumping Championships on Feb. 23 in Erzurum, Turkey. The World Cup tour continues March 3-4 in Zao, Japan, where there will be three comps (one comp was added to make up for an earlier cancellation in Poland). The World Cup final is set for March 9 in Oslo, Norway.

World Cup
Ljubno, Slovenia
Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012
Women’s Normal Hill, HS95, K-point 85m


1. Sarah Hendrickson, USA,  (85.5  87.0)  246.5

2. Sara Takanashi, JPN, (86.5  88.5)  245.2

3. Daniela Iraschko, AUT, (81.5  90.0)  229.2

5. Jessica Jerome, USA (85.5  83.5)  220.5

8. Lindsey Van, USA,  (83.5  83.5)  218.3

18. Abby Hughes, USA  (77.0  78.5)  199.4

22. Alissa Johnson, USA, (74.5  80.5)  188.0


World Cup
Ljubno, Slovenia
Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012
Women’s Normal Hill, HS95, K-point 85m

1. Sarah Hendrickson, USA,  (91.5  95.0)  259.6

2. Sara Takanashi, JPN, (90.0  90.5)  246.7

3. Jacqueline Seifriedsberger, AUT, (87.0  84.5)  222.4

8. Jessica Jerome, USA  (83.5  81.0)  209.2

10. Lindsey Van, USA (85.0  80.0)  208.0

18. Abby Hughes, USA  (80.0  78.0)  191.1

21. Alissa Johnson, USA, (79.0  76.0)  181.8

Source: Women’s Ski Jumping USA

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