Aspen Times Athlete Spotlight

Noah HoffmanNovember 21, 2012

This year, like last year, the US Ski Team is partnering with The Aspen Times on a feature they are calling the “Athlete Spotlight”. Each week, a different US Ski Team athlete from the Roaring Fork Valley will write an update for the paper. This allows people at home to follow our progress as we compete around the world. The staff at The Aspen Times isn’t big enough to cover each of our results throughout the season. There are seven athletes participating: Simi Hamilton (Cross Country), Michael Ward (Nordic Combined), Wiley Maple (Alpine), Alice McKennis (Alpine), Meg Olenick (Ski Halfpipe), Katie Ryan (Alpine), and myself. Each of us will submit three entries throughout the winter to cover every week between now and mid-April. The system we are using was my idea. I thought it would be beneficial to us as athletes looking for exposure to give our supporters at home a way to follow us. This year, I did the first update. You can check it out here.

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