Bluebird Ski Days at Silver Star

FasterSkierNovember 17, 2012
Sovereign Lake Nordic Center at Silver Star Mountain
I got a quick report and a couple pics from Sam Naney (Methow Olympic Development) today.     Sam went to Silver Star early to get some solid training days on snow, and then he’ll head for West Yellowstone races if they get enough snow there to hold the events.

Here’s what Sam has to say:

Hi Mark, 

Conditions up here at Silver Star are great, especially as compared to the rest of the country. I’ve been skiing about 3-4 hours per day at Sovereign Lakes Nordic Center, on race skis, no less! The snow is nice, dry packed powder and my S1 skaters and XC02s on the powder classic skis are running GREAT. There’s more snow predicted for the next few days and I’ll be here until Monday morning so there’s plenty of time to log some kilometers before heading to Montana and the unknown conditions thereabouts.

Meanwhile, it’s quinoa and dried fruit for sustenance, and lots of reading (Canadian cable T.V. ain’t the finest). 

Hope all’s well with you,