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StartJanuary 26, 2013

Maximum Durability & Minimum Swing Weight

The Start poles you see raced to victory on the World Cup with Anastasiya Kuzmina, Mari Laukkanen, Chris Andre Jespersen, Jan Schmid among others and at U.S. Nationals by Michael Sinnott, Bryan Cook, Maria Stuber and Team SISU coaches and in Canada by future stars by Chloé Selerier, Sam Morris, Zayne Heyes, Adam Elliot is the Start SD3.  It is made in Finland with Start’s computer driven robotic 3 Dimensional Winding process (SD3).  Unlike other poles, it is made from individual Black Ops HM Carbon filaments (rather than sheets of fiber) that are wound in a 3 dimensional interlaced pattern. While some Black Ops filaments are wound (at specific angles) up and down the shaft for stiffness, others are simultaneously being interlaced (at specific angles) around the shaft for durability.  This unique process results in pole shafts that are perfectly identical with no imperfections, nor weak spots and thus require no heavy risen coating, grinding and fancy paint job to make the look good. The end result is what Start believes to be the most durable World Cup level pole made.  A pole with the stiffness and extra low weights necessary for success but with unmatched durability required by skier’s who purchase their own poles. A pole with quality you can see.

Start Poles: sd winding

Start has been offering a complete pole line for 5 years now. The complete Start pole line is developed for maximum durability and minimum swing weight achieve from Black Ops Carbon and Precision Manufacturing plus 17mm-8mm taper. Other race poles in the line are Race – 100% Black Ops HM Carbon Fiber, Winner– 100% Black Ops HS Carbon Fiber, Loppet – 70% BO Carbon Fiber 30% Fiberglass.  Start encourages you to do the Start Swing Weight Test. Visit a Start U.S. Race Service Dealer or Start Canada Race Service Dealer  and test any Start pole against any other brand and swing them in your hand. Start is confident that if you compare poles at same price (same length) you will find the Start pole has the lighter swing, and if you compare swing weight Start will win on price.  Over time Start is confident their poles will also win on durability.  Spoil Yourself with Start.

Anastasiya Kuzmina in IBU world cup Antholz (ITA).
Anastasiya Kuzmina in IBU world cup Antholz (ITA).


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