Toko: US Nationals Classic Sprint Report

TokoJanuary 3, 2013
2013 US National Classic Sprint Champions Torin Koos and Jennie Bender
I’m very happy for Jennie Bender and Torin Koos who both won today. Jennie suffered for much of the year with both Lyme Disease and Mono and this is one of those “feel good” stories. Torin was DQed last year after winning this US Nationals race by maybe 100 meters, so this was also really nice for him to gain some redemption (my words, not his).
 When I arrived at the venue, air temp was -1f and relative humidity was basically 100% (frost was falling out of the sky – this continued on and off until around 9:45). It was cold. The snow was quite similar to yesterday though and our testing showed that JetStream Blue covered by HelX Red in the morning was best for glide and JetStream Blue/Red mix was probably best in the afternoon (some had great skis with straight JetStream Blue). For kick, our recommendation stayed the same all day – straight Basewax Green applied short and fairly thinly (much thinner than the traditional “Base Green Trick”). This yielded very fast skis and solid kick. The snow was so abrasive though that it needed to be reapplied after each lap. Despite temperatures warming some and the track getting skied in, conditions stayed pretty stable. I expect we’ll have the same conditions for Friday’s race. See you then!
Click here for more photos from today’s events!

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