Gear West: 12/13 Fischer Carbonlite SALE

Gear WestFebruary 1, 2013
Fischer Carbonlight boxes at Gear West.
Skate Plus or S-Track models, Classic Plus
Gear West received a large shipment of 12/13 Fischer Carbonlite skate and classic skis and are offering them at closeout prices… For details call 1-877-473-4327 or email  We have both NIS and non-NIS plate skis.
Skate Skis
The S-Track and Plus ski have the industry standard “Plus” base.  The difference is camber.  The S-Track has more of a warm snow profile but it is important to remember that warm ski profiles can work very well in both warm and cold conditions.  The S-Track’s main characteristic is that peak pressure occurs behind the ½ skier weight mark.  This allows the ski to feel very slippery under foot and excel at soft and medium track conditions. The Plus version is more of a cold to universal profile.  The camber moves weight farther away from the skier’s foot and peak pressure is near the ½ skier weight mark or in front of it.  This allows the ski to feel more stable when the track is firm but can be used as a universal cold snow ski as well as violet track ski.  Both skis complement each other very well.
Classic Skis
The Carbonlite classis uses the fast yet easy kicking 812 design.  This allows free glide but kicking is so easy with the “box like” camber.  Just roll forward and you will find all the kick needed to climb the steepest hills.

Fitting The most important factor when choosing skis is fitting the ski to you.  An exceptional ski fit trumps all… at Gear West, we have the selection and knowledge to fit you right!

Matt Liebsch with his Fischer Carbonlights.
Matt Liebsch with his Fischer Carbonlights.

Racer Matt Liebsch on why he loves his Carbonlites…

“The Carbonlite classic kicks so well, it almost feels like I can kick right through the ski into the snow.  The skate skis are stable yet soft tips and tails allow the skate models to handle soft conditions as well.  Both skate and classic give away nothing in the speed category… the flex and base material from Fischer provide the very best glide and ski feel.”
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