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Gear WestMarch 2, 2013
Fischer Speedmax
Fischer Speedmax

Gear West is excited to have received a shipment of Fischer Speedmax skate skis. Fischer’s new Cold Base Bonding technology equates to faster skis. By avoiding heat and pressure when the base is added the base material retains a high level of wax absorption.  Better wax absorption equates to faster skis. Three Gear West ski experts: Matt Liebsch, Jan Guenther and Josh Doebbert share their thoughts regarding the Fischer Speedmax.

Matt Liebsch
The new Fischer Speed Max skis are quite phenomenal.  They handle a very wide range of conditions and stability is rock solid.  I first tried a pair two years ago at US Nationals and I didn’t even know what I was on… but I could tell right away that I was on something different, they were faster than all my other race proven pairs!  My experience with the Speed Max is that they are always very good but in some conditions the ski just blows away everything else.   I’ve been told this is due to the new Cold Base Bonding technology that leaves the base unaltered from pressure and heat associated with standard production… end result, fast skis!

Jan Guenther
I checked out the Fischer Speedmax at the  XC Ski Demo on Sunday after the Birke at 00. It was a great opportunity to try a huge variety of skis and the Speedmax offered the best of everything- light weight, speed and wonderful stability all in one ski.

Josh Doebbert
As skiers, we are all taught the importance of not overheating the bases of our skis when ironing.  It closes the pores of the base material and prevents it from accepting wax, we are told.  But no one talks about the fact that to cure the epoxies inside modern skis during production, those skis must be heated to a temperature that, like an iron left on the base too long, does real and permanent damage to those same pores.  Enter the SpeedMax, Fischer’s new design, which separates the processes of core construction and base application and prevents this damage.  It’s a very simple premise, but the result is a ski that’s noticeably faster underfoot than Fischer’s already World Cup proven Carbonlite and RCS models.

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