Woodski March Madness Sale

Woodski, Inc.March 14, 2013

woodskis world wax table

Woodski March Madness Sale! For the month of March the New World Table and all the accessories are on sale.  Save 25% on everything!  There are two hitches though… You must order over the phone and there are only 5 tables left!  If you miss this, you will have to wait until the fall!  Here is your chance to get the table that the top teams have discovered to be the best there is!  A bomb proof table with amazing accessories including the cam clamp making klistering skis a joy!  


Check out all the details at www.woodrollerski.com


Woodski, Inc. New World Wax Table.
Woodski, Inc. New World Wax Table.


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Woodski, Inc.

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