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Boulder Nordic SportApril 22, 2013

There is a lot of news in the ski world this year. As we prepare to head out on our annual spring ski picking trips, we are excited to be looking at new models from Fischer, Madshus, Rossignol and new this year to the BNS line-up, Salomon. We’ve been testing some of these skis for a few years now and some we’ve only had the chance to spend a few days on this spring, but the changes this year are quite radical compared to the normal evolutionary changes we see in ski development. There is a lot to get excited about.

We are once again encouraging pre-orders for skis and equipment this year. Pre-ordering produces the best possible results for you by allowing us to pick the perfect skis that exactly match your requirements when we go on our ski picking trip in early summer. We always hand-pick our high-end skis so that we can ensure we have the best quality in our inventory, but when we go over to pick skis with your information in hand, it allows us to precisely match the ski with the exact characteristics you want.

Pre-ordering not only allows us to get you exactly what you want, it helps us out because we don’t have to carry inventory that might stick around at the end of a bad snow year. So this year, we are adding extra incentive to pre-order by offering $50 off on Fischer Speedmax and Madshus Nano Redline skis and 15% off of  top-model boots if you put your order in before May 1. Start the process by filling out our on-line ski request form or give us a call.

SpeedmaxNew from Fischer this year are the Speedmax ski and a redesigned skate boot with a graphic refresh to the Carbonlite, RCS & RCR lineup. The Speedmax ski is a revolutionary concept and they have been floating around for several years. The Speedmax is produced by first building the top of the ski and then attaching the base, instead of the standard construction method of laying the base material in the mold with the ski core on top. Since the base and core have different thermal properties, when they are put in the mold and go through the heating cycle to set the epoxy, the different reaction of the base and the core material creates tension in the ski. The Speedmax core is built first and then the base is attached after the ski is out of the mold, creating a uniquely supple ski. Fischer also says the base retains better wax absorption properties when it does not have to go through the heating cycle.

Fischer has been refining the concept for several years now while also figuring out a way to make production viable on a larger scale. We were lucky enough to get several test pairs a few years ago, and it was very apparent that the process was definitely one involving a lot of hand labor.  The bases were not very flat – almost wavy – but the skis always win tests and get chosen to race whenever they come out of the bag. Customers who were lucky enough to get a few pairs that we were allowed to take in 2011 rave about them—finally we can get these skis in real quantities for next season.  Unfortunately, production is still very limited, so we expect that we’ll probably fill our quota this year with pre-orders, so don’t wait to get your order in.

The Speedmax will be available in Cold, Plus and C-Special (clear base for wet conditions). For skating, all will be built in the 610 mold. Regular Carbonlite Skate will be the same as last year – Plus and Cold. The Speedmax classic will only be available in 902 mold (S-Track), with the regular Carbonlite classic in Plus and Cold (812 mold).  The 902 mold has been one of our favorites for years and despite the “soft track” name, it is a versatile ski that is highly effective for warmer hard wax conditions (above ~14F/-10C) as well as klister conditions. If you don’t have a 902 in your bag, we recommend getting one.

The new Fischer skate boot is another big step forward for Fischer. Shedding a lot of the weight and bulk of the previous generation, Fischer also follows the trend of softening the boot upper to allow greater freedom of movement. Control, stability and comfort are improved with the Xcelerator sole and the women’s version adjusts the fit to the female foot as well as looks really cool with the white, black and neon green. Pre-order this boot before May 1 and save 15% while ensuring you get the exact size you want!

2013-2014 Fischer Speedmax $750 – SAVE $50 for pre-order before May 1

2013-2014 Fischer Carbonlite $650



Xium SKRossignol’s high-end ski line-up remains mostly the same this year, with the addition of a special clear-base ski for warm conditions on the S3 model. We will not be stocking these, but we can get them on our picking trip this summer if ordered by mid-May, before we go. For skating, the Xium World Cup S1, S2 and S3 remain the same with S1 being the hard-track/sprint ski, the S2 the go-to universal/cold ski, and the S3 the wet ski with white (clear) base.

Boots from Rossi remain the same awesome product that arrived in 2012-2013. These come in half Euro sizes in both Regular Fit (39-49) and Low Volume (35-45). Unlike previous generations of this boot, we find that most people fit in the regular volume boot, with narrow feet liking the low volume version. Pre-order this boot with us and guarantee you get the exact size and fit you want while saving 15%!



RedlineMadshus has invested heavily in their race production in Norway over the past few years, and every year when we visit the factory, we have been impressed by the changes. This year, the result is new “Red” skis and boots which raise the bar substantially, seeking absolute performance without cost restraints that continually frustrates engineers and racers. The good news is that they have managed to keep the cost under control on the skis while making a truly amazing product. The boots, well, let’s just say the Redline boots are awesome, but if you are cost conscious, the Nano Carbon line is too.

Madshus started using a new fiberglass material in their ski cores last year which allowed them to use 40% less material while strengthening the ski AND making it more supple. The new material allowed the designers to take radical steps to redesign the ski. They kept the same proven geometry (shape) of the ski on the snow, but radically tweaked the profile, making the tips and tails improbably thin and supple, stiffening the bridge and lightening everything. The regular Nano ski and Redline skis share these developments, with the Redline skis using a new base material that has shown significant speed improvements over traditional bases. They gave us a prototype of the new 102 classic skis last June that we skied all winter and we have to say that it is incredible. Kick is amazingly accessible with buttery smooth glide and acceleration. This ski was great in a range of conditions, but really excelled in colder, fresh snow when it was simply astounding. The wet ski (103) retains the same amazing camber that we love as a warm hard wax or klister ski with the redesigned profile that improves speed and feel.  We highly recommend the classic skis to anyone. The skate skis also have the new materials and design with the same geometry as previous generations. Pre-order the Red line skis before May 1 and get $50 off.

SuperNanoThe Madshus Super Nano skate boot is also an amazing feat of engineering. You may have seen this fancy footwear on World Cup skiers over the past season, including on US skier Noah Hoffman. With a carbon sole, this boot is a departure from all other boots, clearly designed with performance in mind. The fit is surprisingly comfortable for an aggressive performance boot, with a modified Xcelerator sole and superlight upper material, the boot is feather-light, yet stiff and transfers all power straight to the ski with excellent control and handling. At $750, this is probably not the boot for everyone, but it is great to see a boot company pull out all the stops and go for it. Madshus’ successful Nano line is continued as in 2012-2013 at more affordable price points, with the same great fit and performance. Both the Super Nano and Nano are included in our pre-order special, so get your order in before May 1 and get 15% off!


Madshus Redline skis – $750 Save $50 for pre-order before May 1

Madshus Nanosonic skis 102/103 classic, 118/119 skate – $650



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