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SVSEFApril 12, 2013

SVSEF - logoThe Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation offers a variety of competitive ski programs that strive to provide team members with the very best in athletic programming. From our Elite Senior Gold Team through our Junior COMP Team, there are a variety of teams that offer top level coaching in a training setting that is exceptional. Information on our teams is provided below and interested applicants should contact our staff to find out more. See you on the trails!

Lars Flora and Simi Hamilton. Photo: SVSEF.
Lars Flora and Simi Hamilton. Photo: SVSEF.

Gold Team

The SVSEF started our GOLD TEAM, previously known as the Olympic Development Team, in 2005 as a vehicle to help top level US Skiers take the big step to an athletic career in International Cross Country Ski Racing. Our Gold Team brings together a dedicated group of coaches and athletes who prioritize skiing success at the highest levels. Over the last 8 years our program has helped numerous US Skiers bridge the gap to international ski racing at the World Cup Level, including Simi Hamilton, Chris Cook, Morgan Arritola, Chelsea Holmes, Mike Sinnott, Reid Pletcher, Noah Hoffman, Nicole DeYong and Matt Gelso. Acceptance to the program is results based and interested applicants should contact Head Coach Colin Rodgers or Program Director Rick Kapala for more information.

Our athletic program for the Gold Team places a premium on organizing a long term preparation and competition plan that focuses on skiers achieving access to the highest levels of International Competition including participation in World Cups and Major International Competitions such as WC’s and OWG’s. Training sessions are conducted on a year round basis in Sun Valley and at organized team training camps held throughout North America.

The SVSEF Gold Team is led by Head Coach Colin Rodgers who brings an impressive resume to the job. Colin, a former top level US racer, has competed at the World Cup level and brings an impressive knowledge of ski sport combined with a tireless work ethic to the program. He is supported by an array of additional SVSEF coaches providing SVSEF athletes with exceptional support at competitions throughout the US and Europe.

Qualification for Gold Team Membership requires demonstrated success at US Nationals and the US Super Tour and NCAA Championships. Athlete applications are considered each spring and interested athletes should contact Colin directly . Competition focus is success at the Super Tour leading to participation at World Cups, OPA, World Championships and Olympic Winter Games.

Funding for Qualified Gold Team members includes partial support to team camps and competitions with the opportunity for team members to earn additional support via result bonuses.

Program membership, funding and team training and competition project schedules are determined annually and each team member is required to assemble a yearly athletic, competition and promotional plan that is approved by the SVSEF staff.

The SVSEF Gold U25 Team

The SVSEF U25 Team is a new program designed to assist young seniors aged 25 and younger who might not yet qualify for Gold Team yet are committed to a path of athletic preparation that will lead to top national level results and eventual international competition. As part of the Gold Team this program offers all participants the same level of coaching and team support such as technical ski service and sports science as the Gold Team. U25 team members however are required to cover all training and competition travel costs. Support based on win bonuses is also available to U25 team members. Competitive focus will include the US Super Tour and depending on results may include opportunities to participate at Scandinavian or OPA Cup Series. Athletes who have just completed their NCAA athletic career or are taking a year away from college are encouraged to apply. Applicants will be required to provide their training history as well as meet with team staff to discuss their goals in ski racing and to better understand the methods and expectations of the SVSEF program.

Regular local training sessions, generally 4-6 per week, are conducted from spring through the winter in Sun Valley as part of the regular Gold Team Schedule and all U25 team members are also welcome to attend all Team Training Camps including on snow training at Mt Bachelor at the Eagle Glacier. Athletes will have access to our Lake Creek training facility that includes strength gym, lockers and waxing room.


The SVSEF Post Grad (PG) Team provides participants with a comprehensive program that assists junior competitors in their efforts to advance their fitness and competitive capacities. The PG program offers a unique experience for juniors as they continue to mature in their skiing. A Post Grad year in Sun Valley provides participants the opportunity to develop their sport knowledge and capacities but also serves to help older juniors with a life learning year where they experience travel, working with high level coaches, building confidence and life competency (gotta do that laundry!). SV PG’s have the unique opportunity to be training shoulder to shoulder with some of the best seniors in an amazing training and skiing setting. For those participants focusing on World Juniors, the SVSEF program is in the very advantageous position of being located in the West where we are virtually guaranteed early snow and immediate access to the always competitive early season Western Super Tours as well as the Canadian Nor-Am series.

The SVSEF is excited to announce the development of an unique Post Grad Training opportunity in the Autumn of 2013. Team members will have the opportunity to travel to Solleftea, Sweden for an intensive 5 week period of training in cooperation with the very successful Solleftea Ski Gymnasium. PG’ers will experience the Scandinavian ski culture while training with some of the best juniors in the world. This opportunity blends the opportunity of an overseas experience without the year long commitment to living abroad. The Swedish Autumn program will conclude with a ten day on snow camp in Northern Scandinavia before team members return stateside to begin their final preparations for the competitive season.

The SVSEF Post Grad Team Head Coach is Chris Mallory. Chris, a product of the UNH, has led the SVSEF PG Team for the past four years and has served as a USST Staff member at World Juniors for the past two seasons. The SVSEF PG Team has regularly assisted skiers qualify for WJC’s and all SVSEF PG’s show significant growth in their skiing often resulting in selection to elite NCAA programs. Contact Chris Mallory directly at if you are interested!

Regular training sessions are conducted weekly on year round basis in Sun Valley and the team takes advantage of regular training camps help on snow at Mt Bachelor OR, The Haig and Eagle Glaciers , Frozen Thunder in Canmore and at the annual US season opener in West Yellowstone, MT. Competitive opportunities include participation at US Nationals and World Junior/Scando Selections held in Soldier Hollow in 2014, the US Super Tour, Canadian Nor-AM, the Intermountain Selection Series, RMISA NCAA Competitions and Super Tour Finals.

Post Grads who are interested in maintaining their academic studies are able to tailor a Post Grad academic program through the Sun Valley Community School. Post Grad studies that include an array of course offerings that allow PG’s to still meet their athletic goals. We will connect interested PG’s with the Community School Academic Director for further information.


The SVSEF offers to college age skiers, the opportunity to join our training group as a Summer Guest skier. The Sun Valley area affords an exceptional training environment with top quality rollerskiing terrain, hundreds of miles foot and mountain bike trails and a limitless backcountry wilderness. Skiers train alongside our Gold Team athletes ensuring a top level training group and have access to the Lake Creek Training Center that includes a full strength gym, lockers, shower and wax room. In addition to the great training situation, the Sun Valley area is a very convenient place to live and train. Summer guests are able to easily access all training venues on their townie, can rollerski from their front door and walk to the grocery store. The makes for an ease of blending training with a summer job. Summer coaching tuition is handled on a month by month basis so participants can tailor their visit to suit the summer schedule. All guests must be current USSA members. Contact Chris Mallory or Rick Kapala for details additional details.


The SVSEF Junior Academy team provides participants the opportunity to be part of Sun Valley’s Comp program while attending school at the locally based Community School. The Sun Valley Ski Academy offers promising athletes access to world-class coaching, training, and competition together with an established college-preparatory program in an unparalleled mountain setting. Open to student-athletes aged 13-years and older, the Sun Valley Ski Academy combines the strength of Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation training and coaching with Community School’s proven academic program, scheduling flexibility, and both day student and boarding options. Community School and SVSEF have worked together for decades, producing top snow sport athletes who excel regionally, nationally, and internationally. Now combined under the banner of the Sun Valley Ski Academy, we are taking our opportunities for excellence to new levels. Academy student-athletes are fully integrated into the life of Community School — in academics, the Outdoor Program, and extracurricular and social activities. At the same time, they can rely on the flexibility and support necessary to pursue their winter-sport passions.

Ski Academy participants will train and travel as part of SVSEF’s Comp team including training camps and competitions and will have access to SVSEF’s training center which includes strength, wax and locker facilities. Many of the Academy students live locally but the Ski Academy’s residential program offers student- athletes from outside the area the chance to experience all that Sun Valley has to offer, living in a comfortable and convenient residence hall at the base of Mt. Baldy. Academy students may choose to arrive at the beginning of the academic year or may arrive earlier to participate in dryland and on snow camps and training with the SVSEF comp team. For information regarding the Sun Valley Ski Academy contact program director Rick Kapala, or Jonna Mendes, Director of Recruitment

SVSEF Information and Background:

  • The SVSEF and Sun Valley area has recently been designated by the United States Olympic and Para Olympic Nordic Training Site. This designation was award to Sun Valley on the basis of the areas exceptional nordic facilities and programming.
  • The SVSEF is one the most successful winter sports club in the United States having been recognized several times as USSA Club of the Year. The SVSEF offers programming in cross country, alpine, freestyle and snowboarding and brings almost 50 years of commitment to winter sports.
  • The Sun Valley area , also known as Nordic Town USA is recognized as one of the premier nordic communities in the world. Over 200km of ski trails are groomed by pisten bully and offer a complete array of trail profiles for all training needs
  • Our community organizes numerous cross country ski races including US Super Tours, IMD Divisional Races and the ever popular Boulder Mountain Tour along with a comprehensive summer event schedule that includes mountain and road bike races and running events.
  • Our local populace embrace cross country skiing as a core cultural value. Each year we host a week long Nordic Festival and over 3000 locals annually purchase trail passes in support of our trail system

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