Timo Puiras Takes the Helm at Thunder Bay NDC

BrainspiralMay 9, 2013

NDC Thunder Bay

(Press release)

The National Development Centre – Thunder Bay (NDC) is pleased to announce that Timo Puiras has been hired as our Head Coach for the 2013/2014 season and beyond!

The Board, the athletes, and the staff are all thrilled to have Timo take the reins of the program and continue to deliver one of the highest quality programs in the country.

Timo Puiras, new head coach of NDC-Thunder Bay (Courtesy photo)
Timo Puiras, new head coach of NDC-Thunder Bay (Courtesy photo)

Timo has a long history of High Performance racing and training in Thunder Bay, and also with NDC. He has worked in the role of Assistant Coach and wax technician-extraordinaire for the past 5 years in various capacities.

Working with our other staff, Timo will continue to develop all aspects of the training and racing environment and we are very confident it will continue to progress and evolve to meet the needs and goals our athletes in the years to come.

NDC Executive Director Eric Bailey stated: “We are very excited to have Timo back with our Team as Head Coach. He has an incredible passion for our sport, and his commitment to excellence is unwavering. He has a very rich history in our community and will bring a very strong understanding of training and racing to our athletes.

“His greatest strength lies in the relationships and the trust he builds with an athlete. His approach to coaching is very much athlete-centred; a philosophy that meshes very well with the program and the team at NDC-Thunder Bay. He will treat athletes with a great deal of respect, which has always been a cornerstone of the program at NDC-Thunder Bay.”


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