Mt. Borah Epic Race Recap

Borah TeamwearJune 4, 2013
2013 Mt. Borah Epic Race
Jess Lalonde (2nd overall) drives the race through dense forest and tacky trail during the first half of the Mt. Borah Epic in Coon Valley, Wis.

(June 3, 2013) Coon Valley, WIS. — As the sun peaked through the trees the morning of race day on June 1, a level of excitement and anxiousness permeated through the air; it was finally time for the ultra-hyped inaugural Mt. Borah Epic.

Jason Sager (champion) leads Jesse Lalonde (2nd overall) through the Seeley Pass trail.
Jason Sager (champion) leads Jesse Lalonde (2nd overall) through the Seeley Pass trail.

Nearly 200 riders set forth to challenge their endurance over 30 miles of epic single track.  Jason Sager of Odgen, Utah, and Sara Kylander-Johnson of Duluth, Minnesota, claimed the men’s and women’s overall titles, certainly contested by both man and nature to seize their top finishing spot.

The trails ran smooth, fast, and technical at times, providing riders with a tacky, yet dynamic ride.  The finish line buzzed with excitement and exhaustion as each racer completed their first Mt. Borah Epic journey; thanks to CAMBA’s incredible trail system and a group of volunteers that made the race experience a blast for participants.

“What a fun race it was, and wow did it hurt,” said Eric Thompson, the men’s 4th place overall finisher.  “Definitely a race I’ll have on the schedule again for next year,” added Thompson.

“For 30 miles, we rode some of the fastest, most intuitively laid out and rewarding trails of any course I’ve raced in 15 years.  My perspective, enthusiasm, and respect for the trails, riders, and community of northern Wisconsin and the CAMBA organization was such that I couldn’t wait to turn around and ride the whole course again, just for fun,” said Jason Sager, the men’s overall champion.

“The Mt Borah Epic is exactly the type of event that got me into mountain bike racing.  Simply having the opportunity to come out and ride such an amazing trail was a reward in and of itself,” added Sager.

The Mt. Borah Foundation will present their donation to the CAMBA board in the near future as post-race details conclude and the race staff debriefs.  Results can be found at and race photos and articles here.

Thanks again to all who paid Tribute to the Trails this year at the Mt. Borah Epic.

Mt. Borah Epic Race
Jason Sager (champion) sprints for the line, edging out Jesse Lalonde (2nd overall) by a sliver, photo finish margin.

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