Toko e-Blast: Absolute Warmest Glove Combination

TokoDecember 19, 2013

Toko e-blast

Absolute Warmest Glove Combination

For those with circulation problems or for extremely cold weather

Start with either Toko Classic, Thermo Plus, or Arctic depending on your needs and the weather. They get progressively warmer from Classic to Thermo Plus to Arctic. Then put your poles on including the straps. Then put on the Toko Racing Overmitt. Because the strap goes through a small opening in the glove, the Racing Overmitt covers the hand and the strap. The combination of Racing Overmitt on top of Arctic ought to keep anyone’s hands warm, even those with really poor circulation in below 0f weather. Most people would be very happy with the combination of Racing Overmitt and Classic in below 0f weather. These combinations are warmer than mittens or split finger mittens.

The downside to using the Racing Overmitt over a glove is that it’s more complicated to get the Overmitts on and once they are on, you’re not going to want to take them off for a feed, to take a photo, etc.

The upside to using the Racing Overmitt outside of the obvious warm hands is that there is no performance sacrifice such as a loss of feel for the pole or the feeling of having lots of bulk with a pole strap wrapped around it. Because the Racing Overmitt goes on top of the pole strap, as far as your feel for the poles go, there is no drawback at all. Just warm comfortable hands!

The Racing Overmitt comes in two sizes: S/M and L/XL.

If a person did not have the Toko Racing Overmitts, the next warmest option would be the Toko Arctic Mitts.

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