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TokoDecember 5, 2013

Toko e-blast

Toko Christmas Items

Below are some ideas for Christmas presents. These ideas range from “too good to be missed” to products that will make a loved one happy when her loved one takes off his shoes, to easy waxing products, and a product that will keep a person dry and comfortable even in the rain!

NF Wax Kit

NF Wax Kit

This wax kit contains a 40g block of NF Blue, Red, and Yellow, a nylon brush, and a 3mm plexiscraper all in a nice zippered cordura bag. Available at Reliable Racing, Tognar Toolworks,, and REI.

Express Mini

Express Mini

The Toko Express Mini is a quick apply glide wax for recreational skiers. It helps the skis and snowboards turn better as well as glide easier. MSRP is $10.50. Available at ski shops all over including, Tognar Toolworks, Sport Chalet, Alpine Base and Edge, and Suburban Ski and Bike.

toko brush

Copper Brush

The Toko Copper Brush is our best selling and most universal brush. It easily exposes the base material and structure without the user having to be careful not to create hairs or damage. You can’t go wrong with this brush! MSRP is $31.50. Available at ski shops all over including Artech, Gear West,, Ski and Board Store, Slidewright, New Moon Ski Shop, Paco’s, and

Classic Hat

Classic Hat

The Classic hat has been woven very finely for a soft comfortable fit and feel, has a polypro liner, and a mesh top for breathability. MSRP is $32. Available at Gear West,,, and Wild Rose Sports.

Arctic Glove

Arctic Glove

This is the warmest 5 finger Cross Country ski weight glove out there that we know of. For those with chronically cold fingers who prefer a 5 fingered glove, this is for you! MSRP is $51.50. Available at, Gear West, Reliable Racing, Ski and Board Store, and Joe’s Sporting Goods.

Toko Textile Proof

Textile Proof

Restore your water resistant outerwear to like new by treating it with Toko Textile Proof. Enables garments to keep you dry yet at the same time breathe. Resists not only water, but oil and dirt too! MSRP is $16. Available at Reliable Racing, Out There,, Gear West, Artech, New Moon Ski Shop, Start Haus, and Tognar Toolworks.

Eco Fresh Shoe

Toko Eco Shoe Fresh

Ski boots, running shoes, cycling shoes, and all other sorts of shoes can get stinky! Eco Shoe Fresh kills the bacteria that brings the smell. Simply one or two sprays per shoe when removing will eliminate odor for the long term. MSRP is $12. Available at Out There,, New Moon Ski Shop, Gear West, Tognar Toolworks, and Artech.

Ski Vise Freeride

Ski Vise Freeride

One thing we get asked for constantly are vises that open wide enough to accommodate carving and freestyle skis. The Ski Vise Freeride opens to a massive 155cm. Includes two brake holders. MSRP is $250. Might make a great centerpiece present? Available at,,, Slidewright, and Tognar Toolworks.

Toko Duffel

Start Duffel

This is the perfect bag for those who train or race in settings where your gear is left outside in the elements. The bag is waterproof and thus will keep your dry clothes dry. It also has a separate waterproof compartment for wet clothes and boots such that the wet items don’t contaminate the dry items. The Start Duffel has backpack straps on it so it can be skied with which frees up the hands to carry other items. For those with pick up trucks, this is also a great gear bag. The bag is made from black smooth tarpaulin and is fully “cold cracked” for extreme weather. This means the bag will not crack even in very cold temperatures. MSRP is $80. Available at Reliable Racing, Gear West, Ski Rack (VT), Jans,, and New Moon Ski Shop.





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