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TokoDecember 5, 2013

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Toko Textile Proof

Toko Textile Proof – Simply Outstanding

Below is ALL of the text from ALL of the reviews from‘s user reviews of Toko Textile Proof. You can also view these reviews yourself here.

“This product was a good product, it made the wear fuzz on my winter coat disappear and appear new. I did 3 boots, one summer hat and my coat and snowboard with one can. It wasn’t very effective for the boots because it wasn’t overly thick. This product does not affect the color of the garment sprayed”

“Love this product! I just sprayed my Camo hoodie and my boots so far. I wore them both out fishing this past weekend in the rain. My feet stayed completely dry even after having to walk on some submerged cat tails to retrieve a lure. Very easy to apply. Did it in my garage with one door open and let dry. I will be purchasing many more.”

“Sprays on easy, I used it on some mittens. Dries quickly and ready to use quickly. Instructions are a little vague and hard to find on the package but no complaints other than that.”

“I used it on my an older tent. I sprayed it on let it dry. Then tested it out. No leaks at all. I wanted to make sure it woundn’t leak. So I put the hose to it and it didn’t.”

“Went on easy when dry there is no odor and it works great, water just beads off, we’ll put it to the real test and see how long it lasts, but so far so good!”

“This thing worked. I used it on my backpacking tent. I sprayed it on let it dry. and tested it out. No leeks at all. it was an older tent so wanted to make sure it wound leek.”

“This product was well simply amazing ! too be honest i was absolutly leary about because having other products before that didnt always work. after recieving the product i imedietly sprayed a hat of mine. Following instructions i sprayed well and let sit for 30 mins to dry, after time elapsed i held my hat under a running faucet in the sink and low and behold it remained dry water beaded up and rolled off like fresh wax on a car !”

“I am very impressed with this product all the way around. It was very easy to apply and very effective on my old rain gear, a bag, and a T shirt that I sprayed. I took all of this up to canada on a duck hunt. The weather there was pretty wet and very windy and I was able to stay dry. The rain gear I was wearing was completely worthless before I treated it. I will definitely be getting more so I can treat anything else I am wearing in the field.”

“Good product overall. As we haven’t had a heavy rain recently, I applied it to my jacket and sprayed it with water from a spray bottle. There was no penetration to the jacket lining.”

“This stuff works really well. I used on my hunting clothes and kept the rain off. I really like this product. I would recommend anybody that was out doorsy.”

“After using several other brands of Gore Tex treatments, I was somewhat skeptical of this product. Every other product kept me dry but it did not renew the finish to bead up the rain. This product does. Not only does it renew the water proofing it beads up like a new jacket. My 15 year old Cabela Guide Wear repels water like new. Highly recommend this.”

“I bought all three sons new carhartt coats and treated them with this spray. I then sent the boys outside in a heavy rain storm where they stayed dry. Great stuff! Ordered more for our boots.”

“This seams like a great product I used some on a test cloth and it repelled water where I sprayed and soaked in on the spot I didn’t spray. Thank you and tight lines everyone”

“Of all the “waterproofing” sprays I’ve ever used, this one is definitively the best. I haven’t used it long enough to judge it’s longevity but so far the water is running off. We haven’t had any rain lately, so, I used a hose sprayer to test this product. Worked beautifully!”

“Has somewhat of a solvent odor when you first spray it on, but not overwhelming. I little bit better instructions on the can would be helpful. Works well. Water beads up and rolls off.”

“I had my doubts, and with my rain gear being pretty old, i was willing try anything out. This stuff totally rejuvenated my rain gear and I am very happy with this. Gonna be recommending to this to my fishing club.”

“I just bought my sons each a carhartt coat, and they tested them in the rain before spraying this gunk on, they all got wet. After drying we sprayed them liberally and the next time they stayed dry! Get it!”

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